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The writing exercises became the most useful and rewarding aspect...

"There were several things that really impressed me about this course. First (and most important) is the practice actually writing essays in French, and having them corrected!

I spent a huge amount of time on the writing exercises, and they became the most useful and rewarding aspect of this course. I cannot imagine how anyone finds the time to read and comment on these, but you have my heartfelt thanks."


Talk In French Beginner Graduate


Now I have the opportunity to make mistakes and have them corrected...

"Now I have the opportunity to make mistakes and have them corrected. The exercises are returned very promptly before I have a chance to forget the problems I had in writing them, which is much appreciated.

I had been teaching myself French and reached the point where I had to make a decision; find a course that suited me or give up. I'm happy I found Frederic and his courses, they are exactly what I need. Once I've completed the Complete Beginner Course, I intend to continue to the Intermediate and hopefully advanced levels."


Talk In French Beginner Graduate


It has been like having my own personal tutor...

“It has been like having my own personal tutor – one that not only corrects errors, but provides encouragement throughout the process."


Talk In French Intermediate Graduate


Meet The Founder


I'm Frédéric

In 2013, I started TalkInFrench out of a passion for French and a wish to teach others.

What began as a small initiative became a comprehensive platform for French learners worldwide.

Today, TalkInFrench has empowered over 10,000 students through our online courses.

Every month, countless learners benefit from our resources, articles, and tips.

My team and I made French courses for all levels, so everyone finds their fit.

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Talk in French Course Features

Highly motivating lessons

Learn specific French that you can use right away. Gain practical language skills from Day 1.

Self-paced learning

Pause and restart the course anytime.

Active learning focus

Actively practice speaking, writing, and listening in French.

Certificate of Completion

Complete the program to get your certificate.

Personal coaching

Get feedback and support on your French from our team of experts to help you sound natural.

Affordable price

10% of the cost of a tutor or a language school.


Whatever level of mastering French you're at, we've got something for you!

Complete Beginner French Course

Learn French Basics in Weeks

Learn to construct sentences, improve pronunciation, and gain speaking confidence. Enjoy learning with our guidance and support to level up your French skills.

Complete Intermediate French Course

Break Through the Plateau

Learn to construct more complex sentences, enhance your pronunciation, and express yourself with greater nuance. Enjoy a guided learning experience that avoids months of ineffective studying.

Complete Advanced French Course

Elevate Your French Fluency

Perfect for those ready to push beyond intermediate level, this course refines your communication, delves into cultural nuances, and arms you with specialized vocabulary. Conquer advanced grammar and vocabulary with expert guidance. Save time with focused strategies that prioritize what you need to boost your French at this level.

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