French Audio Drills Bundle:

Master Verb Conjugation and Noun Genders Without Memorization

Master French verb conjugation and noun genders naturally – no memorization required!

Two of the hardest aspects of learning French – Can you learn them without memorization?

If you ask anyone who’s learning French what their biggest problem is, you’d often hear these two things: noun genders and verb conjugation.

Argh, noun genders. Who plays heads or tails with each word and decides that a table (une table) is feminine but a book (un livre) is masculine? Makes no sense, right?

And of course, verb drills. How does one get all the rules and verb forms without your brain turning to mush?

The common way to go about it is through memorizing everything. But one can’t help but ask – surely, there must be some new and innovative way to approach this without struggling so hard with memorization?

At Talk in French, we strive to give you the best and the most effective learning materials available in the market. These highly-rated verb drills and noun gender drills are one of those. Using audio exercises, these drills will help stimulate your brain to learn noun genders and verb tenses without the need to memorize anything.


French Audio Drills Bundle:
Master Verb Conjugation and Noun Genders Without Memorization

Master French verb conjugation and noun genders naturally – no memorization required!

French Audio Drills Bundle

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Inside French Audio Drills Bundle:

Lifetime access

If you enroll in this course now, you'll also be given lifetime access to the course materials, bonus items, and anything else that might be added to this course as it develops in the future.


Master Verb Tenses with French Verb Conjugation Course

Learn the different conjugations of the highly useful verbs avoir, dire, être, faire, finir, manger, pouvoir, savoir, venir, voir, and vouloir without memorizing anything. Using repetition exercises designed to build your reflexes, the drills will help you develop an instinct to select the correct verb form naturally, with no more hesitation.

  • Covers 80% of French verb conjugations: through the commonly used verbs included in the drills, you will be able to familiarize yourself with all other French verbs with similar endings.
  • 18 hours of audio narrated by a native French speaker.
  • Effective repetition exercises to build your reflexes: each 5-6 minute drill will help you develop an instinct to choose the correct verb forms.
  • Focus on the most useful verb tenses: the affirmative, negative, and interrogative forms of Présent de l’indicatif, Passé composé, Imparfait, Futur de l’indicatif, Conditionnel présent, and Présent du subjonctif.

French Noun Gender Mastery Course: Learn 90% of the Most Common French Nouns within a Month!

  • Master the gender of 600 French words (or 90% of the most frequently used French words) within a month.
  • 20 words per day in only 15 minutes daily.
  • Highly convenient – practice anytime, anywhere with the audio.
  • Comes with a 600-page PDF containing daily checklists of the words per day.
  • Mini quiz provided every 5 days to verify your progress.

Instead of relying on rote memorization, French Verb Conjugation Course and French Noun Gender Mastery Course will help you acquire a reflex in picking the correct verb forms and noun genders. Through effective repetition exercises, you will be able to select the correct verb form or noun gender instinctively.

French people do not memorize the gender of words. Neither do they memorize verb forms. From the time they are little, they just see it and hear it everyday, and whenever somebody says the wrong noun gender or verb tense, French people will automatically cringe and think “hey, that does not seem right.”

This bundle will help you learn like that – naturally. You will be able to “develop a melody for the word” by associating the French noun with the gender automatically, and by exposure to the different tenses.

The drills are narrated by a French speaker and guaranteed to help you learn and practice correct pronunciation – as it is spoken today.

Here's what students say about French Audio Drills Bundle

Daniel Taylor

French Audio Drills Bundle Student

It has a very interesting and unique approach, I’ve tried for 2 weeks so far and up to this point I like it.

I occasionally make errors relating to gender when using some word but I can definitely sense an improvement using this method. It’s a very good tool for intermediate and advanced French Learners.

Anica Wijesekara

French Audio Drills Bundle Student

I’ve lived in France for several years now and, despite the fact French people don’t normally mind mistakes relating to gender, I’m always looking to improve my French and avoid sounding too much like a foreigner.

Gender and tense are often a struggle for me. After one month of using this eBook I must say that it works! Sure, sometimes I forget the gender of some words, the rate at which this happens is less and less each day

Lena Clark

French Audio Drills Bundle Student

A good tool for working outside the classroom…

I can listen to it anywhere, while on the bus, while I wait for a medical appointment, when I go to the supermarket or I'm going to walk my dog. I like that in addition to improving my pronunciation of French, I can also practice the listening part of English.

This French Drills Bundle is an excellent supplementary learning tool for anyone learning French, regardless of level.

Here’s how it will help you:

  • Solve the biggest problems most French learners face in the most convenient way possible.
  • Avoid the hassle of memorizing the different verb tenses. With the verb drills, you will be able to sail through the most useful French verbs and learn the essential tenses.
  • Eliminate the need for memorizing the gender of each French noun. You will develop an ear for the correct noun gender.
  • Learn the proper pronunciation of French words with the high-quality audio narrated by a native French speaker.

What's new?

See and Hear the Verbs and Its Different Forms in Action

In the latest update to the FRENCH VERB CONJUGATION COURSE, you will now find a bonus short story after every lesson.

15 Short Stories mock up
15 French Short Stories (value USD 24.90)

Each short story makes use of the verb discussed in the lesson and you will find the different verb forms used in sentences throughout the story. The stories also include an embedded audio to enhance your listening comprehension.

With these additional bonus stories, you will be able to effectively learn and absorb the verb conjugation lessons by reading and listening to the verbs being used in the correct context.

Did I mention that you'll save USD 29.90?

Here's a quick price breakdown:

  • French Audio Drills Bundle: French Verb Conjugation Course (value USD 39.90) + French Noun Gender Mastery Course: (value USD 24.90) = USD 64.80 USD 59.80
  • 15 French Short Stories: USD 24.90 FREE

Total value: 89.70 USD 

Total price: 59.80 USD

(EUR 59.80 | CAD 69.80 | CHF 59.80 | GBP 54.90 | AUD 69.80)

Bonjour !

Welcome to Talk in French!

"One of the things that struck me when I was teaching French is the limited range of resources that fully meet the needs of the busy, modern learner. Since then, I have made it my life’s work to remedy this, one French book and one French course at a time.

Drawing on my long years of teaching, I have selected the most effective approach and tools that will resonate best with the modern student – young and old alike.

This course is one of the results of my careful analysis and fine-tuning of the learning methods I have used over the years.

Learning French is a daunting task, but in this course you will discover how easy, enjoyable, and convenient learning French can be."

Frédéric Bibard - Founder Of Talk In French

Frederic BIBARD
Frederic BIBARD

If you find yourself in any of the described scenarios below, this drills bundle will greatly benefit you:

  • You are a French learner who is currently having difficulty with forming different tenses of verbs.
  • You keep making mistakes in choosing the correct French noun gender and you wish it could come to you more easily.
  • You despise the idea of having to memorize long lists of French verbs and noun genders.
  • You are a busy person who can only squeeze in your French lessons during your commute, while running or working out, or while doing your chores.
  • You like to try new and innovative ways to supplement your French lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

If you follow the basic requirement, most students finish the course in 20 to 25 hours

What happens if I need to take a break or have some days/weeks where I can't study?

No problem. I realize things can happen in life where you won't be able to study as much as you'd like, so I offer lifetime access to any course you join. This includes access to any updates that I add in the future after you join.

Will I get any help from a teacher throughout the course?

There's a comment section inside every course where you can ask me about each lesson, and you can always email me about any topic related to the French culture and language at: 

What if I change my mind about joining a course?

I offer a 60-day money back guarantee. That means if it's completely different from what you expected or you don't see any progress at all – you have a chance to quit. I'll refund your money at any time in the first 60 days.


What if I find out I joined at the wrong level?

It doesn't happen often, but if you find the level you joined is either too easy or too difficult I will happily let you switch to another level (up or down) at no extra cost.

This is about you getting the best results, so I don't want you to struggle through a level that isn't right for you. (This is also covered by the 60-day guarantee.)

Any other questions you wonder about?

Don't hesitate to contact the course creator (which conveniently is me) if you have any questions about a course you're looking at. You can write to me at this email address:

Take advantage of these free bonuses now and save USD 29.90!

15 Short Stories mock up
15 French Short Stories (value USD 24.90)

Here's a quick price breakdown:

  • French Audio Drills Bundle: French Verb Conjugation Course (value USD 39.90) + French Noun Gender Mastery Course: (value USD 24.90) = USD 64.80 USD 59.80
  • 15 French Short Stories: USD 24.90 FREE

Total value: 89.70 USD

Total price: 59.80 USD

(EUR 59.80 | CAD 59.80 | CHF 59.80 | GBP 54.90 | AUD 59.80)

Enroll now and save USD 29.90!

French Audio Drills Bundle:
Master Verb Conjugation and Noun Genders Without Memorization

Master French Verb Conjugation and Noun Genders naturally – no memorization required!

USD 59.80

USD 89.70

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