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The Talk in French 30-day Money Back Guarantee is not just a project for me, but a labor of love as I strive to offer the best resources for French learners. It takes long hours, boatloads of determination, and some sweat, blood and tears (c’est exagéré, of course —  but you get the point).


But despite all that, if you are still dissatisfied with your purchase of an e-book, please send an email right away to [email protected] for aftersales support. After that, if you’re still unhappy with the e-book despite efforts to assist your concern, let me know and I’ll be sad to see you go, but I’ll gladly provide you with a refund.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the refund policy:


  1.    What is the Talk in French 30-day Money Back Guarantee?


The name is sort of self-explanatory but yep, it’s the refund policy of for e-book purchases in made within 30 days.


  1.    Is it available for every e-book?


Yes, it is. Just make sure to indicate the title of the e-book and its date of purchase upon sending your refund request via email.


  1.    Which countries are eligible for the Money Back Guarantee?


No matter where you live, if for any reasons – technical or otherwise – the e-books or its accompanying materials do not please you, you are entitled to a refund.


  1.    How does it work?


If, within thirty days from purchase of your e-book, you experience technical trouble or you are simply dissatisfied with the e-book or its attachments, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. For verification purposes, please make sure to use the same email address where you received the e-book. I will reply to you within 24 hours and help you resolve the problem. After I have attempted to address the issue and you’re still not happy with the product, I’ll give you a refund, no further questions asked.


  1.    When will I get my money back?


It varies depending on the payment method you used. If the purchase was done through paypal, the amount will be refunded right away through that same method. If you used a credit card to pay for the e-book, the refund will be processed through the bank account associated with the card you used but you can expect a refund within two days.


  1.    Can I get a refund for an e-book gift I received?


Sure you can, but as part of our policy, the refund request should be initiated using the email address used to deliver the e-book. This way, we’ll be assured that the requesting person is indeed a legitimate buyer.


  1.    Can I get a refund for a gift I sent to someone?


Yes you can, but as a precaution to avoid abuse of this policy, please ask the gift recipient to contact me first so I’d know what the issue is and we’ll go from there.


  1.   Are partial refunds allowed?

It is allowed in the following scenarios:


  • When you buy a book bundle and happen to dislike one of the books.
  • If you mistakenly ordered the same book twice.


Partial refunds will follow the usual refund process (see no.4)


  1. Does the 30-day refund policy cover products you bought in other marketplaces?


For purchases made through other marketplaces, please check their website’s Returns Policy.



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