365 Days of French Expressions

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Add flair to your French conversations by learning one French expression each day of the year

A perfect tool to enhance your French, regardless of your level!

  • One expression per day: develop a learning habit by learning a new expression everyday
  • Covers a wide range of figurative expressions and colloquial phrases: understand the meanings, their literal translations, and see how the expressions are used
  • Weekly recap: A weekly quiz to enhance learning on the most useful and frequently used expressions
  • Free audio tracks: Pronounce the expressions the right way with the free MP3
  • 3 formats available: PDF, Mobi (for kindle), Epub (for E-reader).
  • Bonus e-book: French Proverbs. Get it free with your purchase!
  • New! BONUS podcast now available for FREE


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Speak French More Naturally With Idioms

Idioms are fun to learn and use but they take a lot of practice to learn. Without a knowledge of French idioms, how else are you going to translate “Avoir le cul bordé de nouilles” other than a backside full of noodles? Would you have guessed that it means being lucky? Or that a chicken who found a knife is actually a person who doesn’t know what he’s doing?

French idioms are full of fun, sometimes weird analogies that would never have crossed your mind before. They also add a lot of confusion to an otherwise simple conversation. But as in any language, French expressions are a part of the language that you must learn. Doing so would add vibrancy to your speech and even make you sound more natural when speaking French.

A Fun Approach to Learning French Expressions

French idiomatic expressions are not something you can easily learn in just one go. You need a method that works, a different approach that will make you fully remember the phrase, how it’s pronounced, what it literally means in English, as well as the actual translation.

Actual meaning

Literal translation


Learn French Idioms with 365 Days of French Expressions

Recommended for French learners of all levels, this e-book is a perfect tool to supplement your French language study with a daily dose of French figurative speech, colloquial expressions and idioms. From the funny to the downright bizarre, learn to understand the meanings, literal translations and use it to add a natural flair to your French. The additional audio ensures that you can speak it properly, too!

  • Learn one French idiom per day for a year
  • Understand the meanings, literal translations, and see how the expressions are used
  • Practice listening and pronunciation with the free audio

Entertaining but Full of Insights

Idioms provide interesting insights into the languages and thought processes of their speakers. By understanding the French Expressions and the translations, it will help you gain a clearer grasp of the French culture and mindset.

Have Fun While Learning French

This short e-book will add fun and humor to your daily learning and introduce you to phrases and expressions you can seldom find in language courses and traditional books.

Give Your Pronunciation a Boost

As the only e-book in its category with audio, the accompanying audio files make sure that you can follow along with proper pronunciation. The mp3 files are divided into weekly sections, allowing you to listen and practice on your own wherever and whenever you like: in your car, during a jog, on your commute to and from work, and while going about your daily chores.

Free downloadable MP3 in 2 versions:

  •        French tracks only for pronunciation, and

  •        French/English tracks with examples included

Develop a Learning Habit

This e-book is designed for you to learn a new expression every day of the year. You can devour this e-book in a few hours if you prefer, but if you can develop a learning habit by learning an expression each day, it may be much more beneficial in the long run. This book can be your first step towards the creation of a lasting learning habit.

Make the Expressions Stick

At the end of each chapter/week, you will find a recap and a quiz to make the expressions stick to your mind. Memorizing French idioms and expressions has never been this easy and fun!

NEW! Get a bonus French Expressions Podcast for FREE!

As an added bonus, you'll also get 2+ hours of podcast that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Listen to Frederic and his co-host Katie discuss the most important (not to mention, funny!) idioms in a more casual manner. This extra material is perfect for learning French idioms on-the-go!

Is this e-book for you?

If you are any of the following, this is for you:

  • A French learner whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced

  • Anybody who wishes to sound more natural and like a native when speaking French

Technical Details:

  • 365 French expressions, idioms translated in English and literal meanings
  • Examples
  • Weekly quizzes and vocabulary recap
  • 52 Audio files
  • Bonus E-Book: 250 French Proverbs
  • Bonus: 2+ hours podcast

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

“I love this French Expressions Ebook!! It is well worth the price! 365 Expressions! The expressions are written in French and English, both the meaning and the ‘literal’ meaning. A sentence using the expression in context and the spoken pronunciation!!! What good value!!! Thanks Frederic!!” - Anita Waters

“More complete than many competitors’ books and comes with audio. Great value for the price.” - Daniela Pantoja

“Really helpful. I started to study French one year ago and purchased this audiobook. It really helped me to improve my vocabulary and my expressions. Totally recommended.” - Carlos

BONUS! Get the exclusive e-book 250 French Proverbs when you buy 365 Days of French Expressions!


                                                                  What's in this book?

Frederic Bibard

Frederic BIbard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their French. 

Frederic BIBARD


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23 reviews for 365 Days of French Expressions

  1. Anita Waters

    I love this French Expressions Ebook!! It is well worth the price!
    365 Expressions! The expressions are written in French and English,
    both the meaning and the ‘literal’ meaning. A sentence using the expression in context and
    the spoken pronunciation!!! What good value!!! Thanks Frederic!!

  2. Danielle Pantoja

    More complete than many competitors’ books and comes with audio. Great value for the price.

  3. Carlos

    Really helpful. I started to study French one year ago and purchased this audiobook. It really helped me to improve my vocabulary and my expressions. Totally recommended.

  4. Marcos Vinicius

    I liked the ebook because it is straightforward ,contains audios that make it easier to learn pronunciation, it is also optimized and contains exercises to verify learning.

  5. Kathleen Ruthnel Cañonaso

    They say don’t judge a book by its cover but I was actually drawn to the book due to its eye-catching and minimalist design. Nothing best captures my attention than a good front! Apart from its layout though, I did enjoy reading through. I appreciated how Talk in French outlined various expressions through a daily format with the English and the literal French meaning. I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned when I do visit Paris next year!

  6. Aakriti Langer

    This French Expressions book is very detailed with excellent explanations. It’s definitely for an intermediate to more advanced and serious learner. The expressions are further used in sentences to explain the usage. The podcast with an English native speaker and the French author/narrator is a great supplement and provides a good understanding of the French language and culture. Excellent material for getting deeper into the language and improving your pronunciation. Great value for money!

  7. Victoria

    The book is great for those who are learning French and want to be more familiar with how the native speakers speak. An expression book is a great idea and I have never had one before so I thought it was a good idea. Very straightforward and simple instructions to follow, I especially enjoy the weekly quiz feature I think it really helps with learning and remembering. Definitely would recommend it 🙂

  8. Donald Morgan

    I like this book because it makes learning the French language fun! You can go day by day and learn something new each day. It helped me to learn the proper meaning, translation, and how it can be used in a sentence properly. The weekly quizzes are fantastic and gives you insights as to how well you are picking up the French language. The mp3 helps you to make sure you are saying the words correctly, I like that about this book. There is so much good content, and after studying with this book I feel like I have a good understanding so I can properly speaking quality sentences.

  9. Ryan

    Both of my parents are anglophones, and even though I’ve been studying French in school for many years, I still struggle with sounding like an authentic, native speaker. This book really helped me widen my expressional French vocabulary, which I think is essential for anyone looking to take a language to the native level. Plus a lot of the expressions are quite funny and easily incorporated into daily conversation! It would be awesome if this was an app that sent me daily or weekly expressions to memorise.

  10. Alonzo Chatman

    I enjoyed reading, 365 days of French Expressions. It gave me a greater comprehension of French than I possessed beforehand. I took French classes in my High school years some time ago, and I remember some of it, but this book offered me a great chance to refresh my knowledge and enhance it in a fun way. It allowed me the chance to create a learning habit that helps me learn proper French and avoid saying things in French that may be silly or odd due to improper conjugation, grammar, and word choice. I am glad to have picked this up, as I learned lots of new words, phrases, and proper conjugations while reading weekly. Finally, I appreciated the chance to reinforce my learning through short quiz exercises.


    Without knowing the spoken language we can not be fluent in any language. I simply loved the didactics of this book: Teaching one colloquial expression of the French language per day. It’s very useful … especially the audio part. And besides the 365 expressions, it still brings 250 proverbs.

  12. Nathalie Muelle

    I found this book very helpful to increase my French in everyday use. I highly recommend it.

  13. mister_pazzo

    Great book, I did really enjoy it! My french was a bit rusty from school but was easy to pick it up with the right didactics. Audio and description well made from the author.

  14. Claire

    Complete book! Great value for the price, I recommend it.

  15. Janille

    It’s a very useful e-book. I enjoyed how it’s made to be in contact with the language every day. I’ve never studied French, so with a little dedication, I was able to learn a bit each day. The expressions are local, which is even better, and the audios that comes along it helps a lot in knowing the correct pronunciation of the words.

  16. Jess Lane

    I found this book to be really useful since it will make casual French conversation easier. A lot of these phrases I doubt I’d find in other books. Better yet, now I can even surprise my French friends with what I’ve learned.

  17. rosanemendonca

    When I saw the title of this book it soon attracted me as a fun way to learn. With simple expressions and a didactic learning is very interesting for beginners like me .. For me the expression method facilitates learning in a fast and fun way. buy without fear, everyone will benefit from this reading.I recommend and will buy others in this category. Rosane de Mendonça

  18. Thiago Miranda

    I really enjoyed the method used in the book, especially audio support.

  19. Rachel Boldt

    Great for pronunciation and I honestly found it super interesting to hear expressions from another culture.

  20. hanna.shapavalava

    I have been learning French for 3 years already and considered myself as advanced speaker but I found this book really useful as I did not know some of the expressions and it was interesting for me to discover them. Now I am going to use them in chats with my French speaking friends for sure. The book is easy to understand and use. It was good choice to buy it!

  21. Yilika

    This book is very entertaining to read. There’s a lot of hilarious French idioms in the book and I just love to take it out in my spare time and read through them, learning French expressions while having a few laughs.

  22. Caroline Marcello

    Very engaging read – I didn’t think I could be so entertained with language learning. Effective concepts. 10/10 would recommend.

  23. malek kh

    I found this book really useful as I did not know some of the expressions and it was interesting for me to discover them.
    I recommend and will buy others in this category

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