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365 Days of French Expressions:


Add flair to your French conversations by learning one French expression each day of the year

A perfect tool to enhance your French, regardless of your level!

  • One expression per day: develop a learning habit by learning a new expression everyday
  • Covers a wide range of figurative expressions and colloquial phrases: understand the meanings, their literal translations, and see how the expressions are used
  • Weekly recap: A weekly quiz to enhance learning on the most useful and frequently used expressions
  • Free audio tracks: Pronounce the expressions the right way with the free MP3
  • 3 formats available: PDF, Mobi (for kindle), Epub (for E-reader).
  • Bonus e-book: French Proverbs. Get it free with your purchase!
  • New! The audiobook version is available too.

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Speak French more naturally.

365 Days of French Expressions shows you how small doses of daily French expressions can add up to a year of effective learning. Learn how to sound like a “genuine” French speaker with the use of French expressions and idioms.

Recommended for French learners of all levels, this e-book is a perfect tool to supplement your French language study with a daily dose of French figurative speech, colloquial expressions and idioms. From the funny to the downright bizarre, learn to understand the meanings, literal translations and use it to add a natural flair to your French. The additional audio ensures that you can speak it properly, too!

Entertaining but full of insights          

Idioms provide interesting insights into the languages and thought processes of their speakers. By understanding theFrench Expressions and the translations, it will help you gain a clearer grasp of the French culture and mindset.

French Expression: Mettre du beurre dans les épinards

Meaning: To improve your financial situation

Literal translation: Put butter in the spinach


Il pense que je travaille pour mettre du beurre dans les épinards.  – He thinks I took this job to help out our finances.

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Have fun while learning French

Years of teaching has taught me that expressions are something students love to learn. It is fun to notice the differences between your mother tongue and a second language. This short e-book will add fun and humor to your daily learning and introduce you to phrases and expressions you can seldom find in language courses and traditional books.

The only e-book in its category that comes with audio files to give your pronunciation a boost

The accompanying audio files make sure that you can follow along with proper pronunciation. The mp3 files are divided into weekly sections, allowing you to listen and practice on your own wherever and whenever you like: in your car, during a jog, on your commute to and from work, and while going about your daily chores.

Free downloadable MP3 in 2 versions:

  •         French tracks only for pronunciation, and
  •         French/English tracks with examples included

Develop a learning habit

This e-book is designed for you to learn a new expression every day of the year. You can devour this e-book in a few hours if you prefer, but if you can develop a learning habit by learning an expression each day, it may be much more beneficial in the long run. This book can be your first step towards the creation of a lasting learning habit.

Never forget useful expressions

At the end of each chapter/week, you will find a recap and a quiz to make the expressions stick to your mind. Memorizing French idioms and expressions has never been this easy and fun!

Technical details:

  • 365 French expressions, idioms translated in English and literal meanings
  • Examples
  • Weekly quizzes and vocabulary recap
  • 52 Audio files
  • Bonus E-Book: 250 French Proverbs

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Only $6.90 / €6.60 / £5.90…


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Paperback Version Available


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3 reviews for French expressions

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love this French Expressions Ebook!! It is well worth the price!
    365 Expressions! The expressions are written in French and English,
    both the meaning and the ‘literal’ meaning. A sentence using the expression in context and
    the spoken pronunciation!!! What good value!!! Thanks Frederic!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    More complete than many competitors’ books and comes with audio. Great value for the price.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Really helpful. I started to study French one year ago and purchased this audiobook. It really helped me to improve my vocabulary and my expressions. Totally recommended.

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