Talk in French Podcast – French Masterclass for Advanced Learners

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Master French with the Talk in French Advanced Level Podcast

  • Practice your listening comprehension and increase your vocabulary with 26 X 30-minute long episodes.
  • Fun Conversations and Engaging Format: Listen to a variety of fun topics, grammar lessons, and useful words and expressions.
  • Transcripts and Grammar Notes for Every Episode: Follow along to the conversations or review the grammar and vocabulary lessons any time you want. A total of 1,000 pages of supplementary materials!
  • Master French at home or on-the go: Get fluent with Frédéric, founder of, and learn alongside his British co-host Katie.

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Advanced Level French Podcast

It can be quite frustrating to look for learning materials that perfectly suit your level.

As a high intermediate to advanced level learner, you need to focus on your listening comprehension and polish your conversation skills. But the choices available for you in the market can be quite disappointing.

To take you to fluency, you need French-only audio materials that will enhance your listening comprehension and boost your conversation skills. Audio that will train your ears to how native speakers converse in real life, as well as take you through audio lessons that are aimed at polishing your grammar and vocabulary.

Engaging Format

Grammar and Vocabulary Lessons

Full of insights

Introducing: the new Talk in French Advanced Podcast

The podcast is perfect for advanced learners or at least B2 (Upper Intermediate) to C1 (Advanced) and C2 (Proficient) in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

If you plan to pass DELF B2 and above, this podcast is one of the best tools you can use to practice your listening comprehension and increase your vocabulary.

  • 26 episodes in FULL FRENCH at 30-minute length each (+1 bonus episode)
  • Fun conversations and engaging format
  • Practice your listening comprehension and increase your vocabulary
  • Free transcripts and grammar notes for every episode
le podcast en francais

Fun Conversations and Engaging Format

Listen to a variety of topics and go through important grammar points and vocabulary with Frédéric, the founder of top French website, and his British co-host Katie.

Katie raises questions from the perspective of a French language learner, and together, Frédéric and Katie talk about topics such as language, food, cultural differences, humour, literature, love, children, and a whole lot more.

Every episode also comes with a grammar section which focuses on the main issues faced by advanced learners, as well as a discussion on useful French expressions.

Useful Topics for Advanced Level

Here are the list of topics for the 26 episodes:

  • Episode 0: Les tendances
  • Episode 1: Comment des lardons ont failli briser l’amitié franco-italienne | Verb Faillir
  • Episode 2: Les langues se sont adaptées à leur environnement | Le gérondif. Dans le texte: “des chercheurs venant de mettre en evidence…”
  • Episode 3: Hemingway, un Américain fou de Paris | Il y a / il y
  • Episode 4: «Ognon», «nénufar», accent circonflexe: la réforme surprise de l’orthographe
  • Episode 5: Différence de conversation | Le verbe falloir
  • Episode 6: La femme qui désirait une « personne mature » malheureusement attirée par les hommes | en travers de la gorge
  • Episode 7: La monstrueuse littérature jeunesse part 1 | Si (on the contrary)
  • Episode 8: La monstrueuse littérature jeunesse part 2 | Si (if)
  • Episode 9: Les français ne sont pas de gros dégoutant | valoir mieux
  • Episode 10: On a passé un an dans la peau des marchés |  vieil / vieux
  • Episode 11: Comment être arrogant comme un français |  le verbe rendre/ se rendre
  • Episode 12: Les français puristes de la langue Part 1 | Verlan
  • Episode 13: Les français puristes de la langue Part 2 | Celui-ci / Celui-là
  • Episode 14: Trop de vacances en France | Vocabulaire / expressions pour les vacances
  • Episode 15: La discrimination par l’accent Part 1 |  Les expressions régionales
  • Episode 16: La discrimination par l’accent Part 2 | Comment dire ” to care about something”
  • Episode 17: Les blagues | Exemple de blagues
  • Episode 18: Le coq et le cocu français | Le genre des mots
  • Episode 19: Detester les français | Verbe se rendre
  • Episode 20: Français et Anglicismes | Des phrases à utiliser pour le subjonctif
  • Episode 21: Faire deux choses à la fois  | L’utilisation de “could” en français
  • Episode 22: Les français sont nuls en anglais | Ne pas + infinitive
  • Episode 23: La France, un pays pas très recommandé  | L’utilisation de “should” en français
  • Episode 24: Brexit | Encore et toujours
  • Episode 25: Ambiancer, arty, spin-off, émoticône… Le Petit Larousse accepte 150 nouveaux mots | Le Causatif
  • Episode 26: Les 12 fautes de français qui vous énervent le plus | L’utilisation de malgré

Maximize Your Comprehension with Full Transcripts

Each episode comes with full transcripts and complete grammar notes. This way, you can follow along to the conversations or review the grammar and vocabulary lessons any time you want.

Master French at Home or On-the-go!

You can access the complete podcast—all the MP3 and podcast notes (vocabulary + grammar + transcription)—directly at a highly competitive, great value.  

Whether you want to learn French at home on your computer with the transcript in front of you or listen to it on the go—the choice is yours.

Is this podcast for you?

If you are any of the following, this podcast is created with you in mind:

  • High intermediate to advanced level learner who wish to improve their listening comprehension and conversational skills in French.
  • Learners who are looking for high-quality audio lessons in pure French.

Technical Details and Podcast Information

  • Each podcast episode is about 30 minutes on average.
  • The total duration of the whole season would be more or less 14 hours in length.
  • The Podcast notes and transcription are a hefty 1,000 pages—to give you full access to review the grammar lessons, vocabulary, plus a way to follow the conversations in its entirety.

Other similar podcasts are offered at US$100 or even more but with lesser content.

Frederic Bibard

Frederic BIbard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their French. 

Frederic BIBARD


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4 reviews for Talk in French Podcast – French Masterclass for Advanced Learners

  1. SMJ

    I am impressed with the innovative structure of these podcasts. The article section introduces advanced vocabulary and expressions in a natural context, and the following discussion helps clarify each one to the point where you can feel comfortable incorporating them into your own speaking. The podcast is specifically designed to help raise your level of expression, which makes it perfect for an advanced learner.

  2. halloula_13

    I really like this book and I enjoyed every episode!

  3. Alecsander Woodson

    Very effective learning tool, originally got this book to push the extent of my French knowledge, I have been studying for 10+ years.

    Going through the chapters this book covers a broad range of topics and really helps to dig deep into the French language itself, down to regional dialects, current events, and advanced vocabulary.

    Even if the audiobook proves difficult to follow the transcriptions included with the book help you to follow along and make the necessary linguistic connections to effectively communicate.

  4. Anagha Naik

    This is a great learning kit, I especially liked the transcripts. They made it easy to follow along the audio book and to refer for later purposes. The book also covers in-depth knowledge of grammar, study of different dialects which has given me enough confidence to start using French in day to day life.

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