French Reading and Listening Comprehension Course Level 1: For Beginners

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Build a solid foundation in your reading and listening comprehension with this entertaining yet highly effective course. 


  • 45 reading and listening lessons for beginners: each lesson contains a French short story featuring practical scenarios.
  • Thousands of new French words introduced through the stories in their proper context and further translated in a built-in dictionary. 
  • Vocabulary lists provided after each lesson ensure that the new words can be committed to memory.
  • High-quality audio embedded into the lessons: the audio is voiced by a native French speaker to expose you to authentic French as it is spoken today.
  • Two different speeds of audio narration: slow speed and normal speed. Select which speed you are comfortable with.  
  • Quiz at the end of each lesson to check for understanding. 
  • After every lesson, you will also be provided with a writing exercise to summarize what you have learned. 
  • Offline materials: Get the course in epub/PDF format (3 e-books) and the audio files in MP3 format.
  • Enroll risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee


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This course is ideal for beginner students who want to unlock better and more independent ways to learn French on their own like:

  • Reading the original version of your favorite French authors. 

  • Listening to French news or podcasts without needing to pause and translate.

  • Or watching French movies without needing English subtitles.

Through a system of guided stories, you’ll boost your vocabulary, tune your ears to understand French speakers (even when they talk fast), and learn how to focus on understanding the overall context, instead of getting stuck mid-sentence to analyze what’s going on.

This course is created by Frederic Bibard, the founder of top French website Frederic, a native of Paris, France, has spent more than a decade teaching French abroad. 

One of the things that struck him when he was teaching French is the limited range of resources that fully meet the needs of the busy, modern learner. Since then, he has made it his life’s work to remedy this, one French book and one French course at a time.

Drawing on his long years of teaching, he has selected the most effective approach and tools that will resonate best with the modern student--young and old alike. 

This course is one of the results of his careful analysis and fine-tuning of the learning methods he’s used over the years.

How Will this Reading and Listening Course Help You?

Learning French is a daunting task but, in this course, you will discover how easy, enjoyable, and convenient learning French can be. 

What's Inside the Course?

Module 1: Simple Interactions

Here you’ll learn to:

  • Greet people and introduce yourself and your family members in French
  • Talk about days and months
  • Discuss the weather; know the parts of the house

Story and Theme

Story 1 : Le cours de langue (A story about greetings and introduction)

Story 2: Une année bien remplie (A story about days, months, seasons)

Story 3: Quel temps fait-il de l’autre côté du monde ? (A story about weather)

Story 4: L’anniversaire de Sophie (A story about different family members and relatives)

Story 5: Une belle maison familiale (A story about parts of the house)

Module 2: Navigate common scenarios 

Here you’ll learn:

  • To talk about nature and recreation
  • To navigate scenarios such as shopping and sight-seeing

Story and Theme

Story 6 : Un dimanche dans la nature (A story about nature)

Story 7: Refaire sa garde-robe (A story about clothing and different kinds of apparel)

Story 8: Un après-midi de shopping (A story about shopping)

Story 9: Un week-end à Paris (A story about sight-seeing)

Story 10: Qu'est-ce que tu fais ce week-end ? (A story about recreation)

Module 3: Enter conversations

Here you’ll find out how to:

  • Enumerate your daily routine and describe people
  • Talk about food, drinks, professions

Story and Theme

Story 11 : Une journée avec Martin (A story about daily routine)

Story 12: La photo de classe de Lisa (A story about classroom and describing people)

Story 13: Un dîner chez les Marchais (A story about food and drinks)

Story 14: Le comité de quartier (A story about professions)

Story 15: Edward prend le train jusqu'à Paris (A story about the train station)

Module 4: Express Yourself

In this module, you will learn:

  • To talk about feelings and emotions
  • How to dine in a restaurant in France and enjoy your holidays

Story and theme

Story 16 : A story about Feelings and Emotions

Story 17: A story about sports

Story 18: A story about City and Buildings

Story 19: A story about Travel and Holidays

Story 20: A story about Dining in a restaurant

Module 5: More Useful Scenarios

Here you’ll learn:

  • What to say at a doctor's visit or when shopping for furniture
  • To discuss moves and cinema
  • How to book a hotel accommodation

Story and Theme

Story 21: A story about getting sick and going to the hospital

Story 22: A story about time

Story 23: A story about furniture-shopping

Story 24: A story about Entertainment and the Cinema

Story 25: A story about Hotel and Accommodation

Module 6: From the office to the festival

Here you’ll learn:

  • How to make a phone call in French 
  • Vocabulary related to office and learning

Story and Theme

Story 26 : A story about Working at the Office

Story 27: A story about Making a phone call

Story 28: A story about going to a festival

Story 29: A story about online learning

Story 30: A story about friendship and romance

Module 7: Directions and plans

Here you’ll learn:

  • How to ask for directions and using different modes of transportation
  • To talk about your hopes, dreams, and plans

Story and Theme

Story 31: Grand ménage dans l'appartement (a story about house chores)

Story 32: Pas facile de se repérer dans la ville !  (a story about finding your way around a city)

Story 33: Une journée dans les transports (a story about transportation)

Story 34:  Sophie et Marc parlent de l'avenir (a story about hopes and dreams and making plans for the future)

Story 35:  Marie prend soin de son corps (Parts of the body)

Module 8: Bank transactions and Polite conversations

You'll learn:

  • How to transact at the bank
  • How to describe physical appearance
  • To order off a French menu

Story and Theme

Story 36: Et cette fille, tu penses qu'elle est jolie ? (a story about describing physical appearance)

Story 37: La visite au zoo (a story about pets and animals)

Story 38: Salut ! Comment tu vas ? (a story about politeness in conversations)

Story 39: La banque (a story about transacting at the bank)

Story 40: Préparer le menu de la cafétéria (a story about meals and dishes)

Module 9: More in-depth dialogues

Here you’ll learn to:

  • Describe different amounts
  • Report crime
  • Talk about hobbies and art 

Story and Theme

Story 41: Une visite au commissariat... (a story about crime and justice)

Story 42: Qu'est-ce que je peux faire de mon temps libre ? (a story about hobbies and pastimes)

Story 43: Un long voyage en voiture (a story about cars and driving)

Story 44: Une visite au centre culturel en fauteuil roulant... (a story about art)

Story 45: La préparation du gâteau d'anniversaire (a story about amounts)

Bonus Learning tools

Essay exercises: Practice your writing skills and test your reading comprehension in French by summarizing what you learned in the story using your own words.

Here’s how this course will help you:

  • The 45 different stories spread over 45 lessons will expose you to a wide range of French grammar structures. This will help you form better French sentences without the monotonous task of memorizing grammar rules.
  • You will be able to increase your vocabulary in French thanks to the thousands of French words and colloquial expressions used in descriptive sentences and casual conversations throughout the short stories/lessons.
  • Sharpen your reading comprehension hand-in-hand with your listening comprehension by seeing how the written word appears alongside how it is spoken.
  • The audio will not only train your ears to understand French as spoken by natives, it will also boost your French listening skills tremendously.
  • Practice speaking French the way native speakers do through the embedded audio in each lesson.
  • Avoid frustrations when listening to spoken French by selecting the appropriate speed for your level. You will have audio in both slow and normal speed--choose the one you are more comfortable with.
  • Practice your writing skills with the writing exercises after each lesson.
  •  The quiz at the end of each lesson will help you ensure that you fully understand what you have read.
  • Develop your listening skills to the point that you can easily follow normal-speed French conversations.
  • Understand spoken and written French with ease and be able to properly process and summarize the information you have heard or read.
  • Learn up to 4,000+ new French words and expressions and use these properly in their correct context in everyday conversations.
  • Build better, more complicated French sentences through exposure to different French sentence structures.
  • Read French publications (books, newspapers, blogs, comics) fit for both beginner and intermediate level.

Is This Course for You?

If you are currently studying beginner-level French or you have learned it before and wish to pick it up again, this course is for you.  

This course will benefit you greatly if:

  • You are looking for an excellent course to supplement your French lessons.
  • You are a busy adult learner who is looking for an effective course that won’t clash with your busy schedule and multiple obligations and responsibilities.
  • You can only allot an hour each day to learning French.
  • You want to enhance your reading and listening skills in French.
  • You wish to study French independently at your own pace.
  •  You want to be able to enjoy French movies, books, and other forms of entertainment.

Are You Ready to Give Your Reading and Listening Skills a Major Boost?

This French Reading and Listening Course uses the most effective methods gleaned from years of actual hands-on teaching. Combining highly entertaining stories with useful learning tools, you will be able to improve your comprehension skills immensely.

If you are ready to improve your French skills with this excellent supplementary course, simply scroll down and click ENROLL NOW.

Zero-Risk, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There is absolutely zero risk in enrolling. If you find this course doesn’t match your expectations, you can request a refund within 30 days. No questions asked. 

Lifetime Free Access

As soon as you enroll in this course, you will be given lifetime access to the course materials, bonus items, and anything else that might be added to this course in the future. 

Join French Reading and Listening Course for Beginners and get access to my writing exercises with 1-on-1 feedback - by clicking the button below.

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15 reviews for French Reading and Listening Comprehension Course Level 1: For Beginners

  1. Ariel

    These are really great, i don’t have much experience with French other than a few basics but these books really helped me improve! The way they’re set up help you learn quickly and the stories are based around real life scenarios so you’re learning the right things for everyday life. Definitely recommend

  2. Callum Adam

    I found there to be a very helpful companion for learning French, whether you are just a complete beginner or have some experience. I have very little experience with learning French and these are a great tool to learn with. The story format helps with reading and learning new words (glossary included with each story) and an audio companion helps with pronunciation. I highly recommend these books as they cover such a wide range of situations, which will no doubt be useful in speaking French.

  3. Leo Gillick

    These stories have helped me asking with my French skills wonderfully. I have much more confidence with both listening and speaking skills now. I was comfortably listening along with everything by the end!

  4. Ayanda

    I’ve had French friends for a long while and studied it once when I was younger. I’m also a fan of good stories. The way this book hits the basics allowing me to relearn French is a plus. Its layout design is easy to digest and appealing. And the mixture of English and French helps crutch my way in to having light hearted conversations with my friends from France in their language.

  5. Jingyi

    The stories are interesting and very suitable for beginners. Besides, unlike other audios for French learning, this one is very clear and not too fast! I love it.

  6. Merlinda Estrella

    These e-books entitled “Learning French with Stories for Beginners” volume 1-3 are worth recommending not only for young readers but for adult as well. It makes learning French language enjoyable because each volume has 15 different stories. I’m not a fan of reading but this e-book makes me interested in reading because of the audio recording, you can enhance your listening skills as well as learning the right pronunciation while reading a book. Files such as mp3 and text files are easy to download except for epub and mobi files of volume 2(you still need to use iTunes app).

  7. Bruna Huaman

    Excellent choice for who love to learn through daily dialogues, and the best of all is that you do not need to appeal the dictionary all the time.

  8. Adrian Vaquero

    I’m very impressed by this bundle of books! For the price, there’s a very generous quantity of content, and of great quality too! I’m using mainly the slow version as I’m still not very fluent in French, but I’ve checked both versions out and they’re of very good quality and easy to understand.

    The stories themselves are perfect for a beginner like me, as they tackle various topics such as introductions, weather, clothes, food… This way I’m learning a wide variety of new words! And after each paragraph there’s a glossary as well, so that you don’t have to look up the difficult words on the internet or on a dictionary. I find that very practical!

    I would totally recommend these for anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation and reading skills.

  9. Giulia Fabiano

    I studied French at University and I really needed something that could make me up to speed and give me the tools to start again to study this language. I thought this book could have been a good starting point and it actually was.
    The books really helped me to improve my listening skills and reading. I would definitely recommend it

  10. narencyolimpia.nost

    I got bundled books with stories for beginners, I consider it was a helpful choice because I did not have any experience with French before.
    What I really liked was that stories are like daily life scenes then is so easy to match expressions or words with real-life situations.
    You can hear the audios at two different speeds: normal and slow, the first, helps you to familiarize with French and with the second one, you can repeat after in order to improve your pronunciation.
    To be honest I am kind of lazy and I hate to translate or research words in dictionaries, so the best is that each story brings its own compilations of words with meanings.
    Maybe something to improve would be to add an extra audio with all those words and the English translation.
    I highly recommend the books, you can enjoy it and learn simultaneously.

  11. adamw54

    Learn French Stories For Beginners is a three-book series that’s informative and effective for anyone willing to learn the French language. The books themselves contain not only detailed passages but also MP3 tracks in which you can follow along with the in-text stories. These features leave a satisfying and efficient experience. My suggestion? Buy these books and start learning all about French today!

  12. Emily G.

    Decent, like “French in Action” education series.

  13. beth.stafford1

    Great stories, with just the right words explained to get the story and learn some French.

  14. Anthony Osafo

    The main selling point for this eBook is that it is organized into stories. My background in french is beginner. This eBook would benefit beginners. It would be helpful if the main words of the stories are translated french first then english in brackets for example Salut (Hi) instead of translating them after a couple of sentences. This translation also applies to the titles of each section. The vocabulary recap at the end of each section is helpful.

  15. jeniffercostaphoto

    Incredible this e-book: French with stories for beginners, super recommend. I have benefited greatly, it is easy to understand.
    The price is very cheap. And the level of education he provided me was great.
    My choice was super right.

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