Complete Advanced French: A Complete Step-by-Step Course for Advanced-Level French

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A Complete Step-by-Step Course for Advanced-Level French

  • 40 short yet highly intensive lessons for upper intermediate to advanced level learners: each lesson is broken down into grammar, vocabulary, and learning exercises.
  • Effective exercises guaranteed to polish your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Get feedback on your writing skills with essay exercises corrected by a native French speaker.
  • High-quality audio embedded into the lessons: the listening exercises are voiced by a native French speaker to familiarize your ears with the sound of authentic French as it is spoken today. 
  • Proven tips and foolproof advice specific to advanced level learners: addressing common problems from a motivation lag to reaching a plateau, and more.
  • Extra in-depth writing exercises with corrections and helpful feedback.
  • Option to submit an audio recording for corrections and feedback on speaking and pronunciation.  
  • Get 2 FREE e-books and downloadable audio: Download your free copy of the e-book version of this course plus the audio tracks for convenient learning anytime, anywhere!
  • Enroll risk-free and get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • New! 100+ Speaking Practice Exercises: Practice your pronunciation and improve your speaking skills in French with 2-4 speaking exercises in every daily lesson.
  • New! Bonus material added: 8 French short stories to boost your reading comprehension in French.

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I’m Frederic Bibard, the founder of

Originally from Paris, France, I spent over a decade teaching French abroad and developing the most effective approaches and tools that fit the modern student -- whether you're interested in passing an exam or driven by personal goals.

When you have been learning French for a while, your motivation may begin to wane. You may find yourself needing an extra push to face your lessons.  Or perhaps you procrastinate and move it to the next day… and the next, until you simply stop. 

Your current level has become your comfort zone and while you still dream of becoming fluent in French, it is slowly starting to move farther from your grasp. 

Being an advanced level French learner has its own set of challenges. Some find themselves stuck at upper intermediate or early advanced stage with no sign of additional progress. Some feel that they’ve reached a plateau and don’t know how to move forward. 

These problems often happen because of a lack of learning materials for advanced level French. Sure, there are plenty of books and online courses available but, as many learners can attest, these are either too easy so that learning becomes boring, or too difficult and complicated that they lead to frustration. Besides, most resources are incomplete and you would find you need two to three different learning materials for it to be truly effective. 

Do you find yourself in this situation? 

This Complete Advanced French Course Will Help You Become Finally Fluent in French

As an advanced level French learner, you need a thorough learning method that complements your needs at this point of your learning. You need structured, carefully planned, and specially prepared lessons that will neither bore nor frustrate you but, instead, offer enough challenge to develop and polish your skills in French.

You need a learning method that covers it all, thereby eliminating the need to have two or more learning resources simultaneously.

Meet Your Instructor



Highly-intensive French lessons covering all aspects of advanced French including grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking, and writing  a step-by-step course that is perfect for independent learners.

Inside Complete Advanced French you'll get access to:

40 high-intensive lessons that focus on getting rid of the last parts holding back your conversation skills and focus on understanding native speakers at a fluent pace.

Master each part of the language as an upper intermediate or advanced student and become ready for fluency.

A personal training program where you get practical writing feedback directly from the course creator, (that's me!). This will help you develop a more confident French and see noticeable progress with each lesson.  

This is our hands-on training arena of daily writing exercises where you receive corrections and advice for each lesson. 

It’s designed to put your progress to the test in a fun way where you can make as many mistakes as you need throughout the course which will help you feel more comfortable about every interaction in French and save you a lot of situations where your mind “goes blank”.

Here's an example of how you can expect to get hands-on help.

My proven learning method that I built over a decade of teaching French to ensure a system that eliminates the need for any additional learning materials.  

This system uses my experience from tutoring, class teaching, as an author of learning materials, and online courses to give proven advice for any advanced student.

"The writing exercises became the most useful and rewarding aspect..."

"There were several things that really impressed me about this course. First (and most important) is the practice actually writing essays in French, and having them corrected! I spent a huge amount of time on the writing exercises, and they became the most useful and rewarding aspect of this course. I cannot imagine how anyone finds the time to read and comment on these, but you have my heartfelt thanks."

DAVID WRIGHT // Talk in French Graduate

Course Curriculum

Week 17: Your wish... my command!

Learn how to:

  • Directly address people you speak with
  • Use the "recent past tense" to express things that just happened
  • Understand stressed pronouns and pronouns y and en. 

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 1 : Imperative

Lesson 2: Recent past

Lesson 3: Stressed pronouns

Lesson 4: Pronouns y and en

Lesson 5: The subjunctive mood

Week 18: Quick French maneuvers 

Learn how to:

  • Navigate French-speaking places and different travel situations
  • Use an advanced shortcut to French tenses
  • Employ the art of French small talk

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 6 : Sequence of Tenses and Making Plans

Lesson 7: Subjunctive Mood of Irregular Verb and Vocabulary About Airport and Holidays

Lesson 8: The Quick Way to Express Past, Present, and Future

Lesson 9: Subjunctive and Indicative Part 1 and Directions and Locations Vocabulary

Lesson 10: Talking About the Weather and Subjunctive and Indicative Part 2

Week 19: Speaking more clear and precise


  • The difference between "c'est" and "il est" and when to use which
  • Pronominal verbs to speak and write French more accurately.
  • How to put the right order of words when using the common "compound tense"

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 11 : C’est and Il Est

Lesson 12: The Past Subjunctive

Lesson 13: Pronominal Verbs (Reflexive Verbs)

Lesson 14: Pronominal Verbs 2

Lesson 15: Negation and Interrogation in Compound Tense

Week 20: Spontaneous French


  • Exclamatory sentences - (what you use to express strong emotions like enthusiasm or desire)
  • To distinguish between cause and effect of one part of a sentence to another

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 16 : Subordinating conjunctions

Lesson 17: Subjunctive In Subordinating Clause

Lesson 18: Exclamatory sentences

Lesson 19: Using c’est..que/qui sentence structure for emphasis

Lesson 20: Idiomatic Pronominal Verbs

Week  21: Refine your French

Here you’ll learn:

  • The finer points of the French language and how to suggest and persuade someone to see things from your point-of-view
  • The "passive voice" and how to use it instead of the typical "active voice"
  • How to discuss future events so you can make appointments, plans and more.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 21: Suggesting and Persuading

Lesson 22: Impersonal verbs

Lesson 23: The passive voice

Lesson 24: The future perfect

Lesson 25: Modal verbs

Week 22: Become like the French

Here you’ll learn how to:

  • How to complain like the French do and discuss your hopes and dreams
  • Improved writing skills by finding the ins and outs of different types of sentences from small and simple to long and advanced.
  • Double negations, (which are very common), and mean the opposite of what you might think.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 26 : A Review of French Sentences

Lesson 27: Double Negation

Lesson 28: French Causative – Le Causatif

Lesson 29: Making a Complaint & Expressing Hopes and Dreams

Lesson 30: French Faux Adjectives (Adjectifs Occasionnels)

Week 23: Communicate like a near-native

Learn how to:

  • Elevate your French with the most common idioms
  • Learn how to scale your French skill through reading
  • How to use "ne explétif" (how to use "ne" in a non-negative way.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 31: French expletive ne

Lesson 32: At the museum/ exhibit

Lesson 33: A review of pronouns

Lesson 34:  Idiomatic expressions

Lesson 35:  Review of Clauses

Week 24: Tie it all up together


  • Formal vs informal grammar - so you can manage any social interaction without sounding weird or impolite
  • Slang that you'll often hear from native speakers but won't find in traditional classes
  • How to write a formal letter in French

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 36: Formal vs. Informal French Grammar

Lesson 37: Review of Clauses

Lesson 38: French slang 

Lesson 39: French cognates

Lesson 40: Writing a letter in French

Bonus Learning Tools

Speaking practice exercises: Different speaking exercises to help you get the correct pronunciation, develop your charming French accent, and build your confidence for speaking in actual conversations.

Essay exercises: Essay writing feedback: A customized training arena for you to practice and get direct feedback from the course creator himself (that’s me).

Quizzes: Quizzes for every lesson to help you instantly explore and test what you learn along the way.

Short Stories in French: Short stories to practice your comprehension of context and explore French culture.

Weekly recaps: Recap exercises that sum up what you learned in each module and prepare to build on top.

How Will this Advanced French Course Help You?

Here’s how this advanced course will help you:

  • Conduct your daily affairs (business, entertainment, banking, booking appointments, etc.) in French without much strain on your part.
  • Clearly express your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in French, when speaking and writing, and be able to defend these when the situation calls for it.
  • Understand and discuss complex text or abstract ideas in a clear and detailed manner. This includes technical discussions in your field of specialization.
  • Converse with native speakers with a degree of ease and spontaneity, and without any strain from both you and your conversation partner
  • Have a good command of French vocabulary to the point that you can understand French wit and implicit meanings of some words. You may also be able to grasp French jokes and even produce your own.
  • Create clear and detailed texts on a wide range of subjects, explain your viewpoints on some issues, and discuss the pros and cons of certain topics.
  • Develop your listening skills to the level that you can easily understand and even summarize information gathered from spoken French.
  • Read French publications (newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, comics), with only an occasional reference to a dictionary.

8 weeks of lessons to master advanced French and become ready for fluency:

  • Total of 40 lessons
  • Each daily lesson can be completed in 1 hour
  • A free ebook version for when you can’t get online
  • Downloadable audio files to learn on the go
  • High-quality audio embedded in each lesson
  • Easy-to-follow illustrations of sample conversations
  • Learning tips specific to upper-intermediate and advanced level learners
  • A structured learning plan that's easy to follow
  • A final test similar to the DELF certificate B2

Do I have to finish the whole course in 8 weeks?

The course is constructed in a way that you should have at least 1 hour a week to get something out of it, (I recommend 5 hours for the absolute best results). This way you’ll complete the entire level in about 8 weeks.

But don’t worry if you need to take a break or something is keeping you from finishing the lessons within the ideal timeframe.

You get lifetime access so you can always move through the course at a pace that suits you best and return to lessons whenever you feel, and most students have been able to finish the entire course within 3 months.

As an extra bonus and to make sure this program is still valid long after you sign up ㇐ you’ll have access to all future updates I make to keep this course a top French learning product ㇐ at no additional charge.

The last time I launched an update was in February (2021) ㇐ it focused on daily speaking exercises. Before that, I rolled out another update in October (2020), that restructured the entire course based on feedback from previous students, to make it even better.

I plan to keep developing the different areas even further in the future so this is not a course that gets lost in time.

This course is not for you if:

  • You’re not confident as an intermediate student already and don't look towards the last stretch before fluency
  • You want to spend less than 1 hour each week to study and practice
  • You don’t want an online program to help you master advanced French
  • You prefer extensive 1:1 tutoring
  • You want to keep using material that reinforce your comfort zone

This course is for you if:

  • You’re looking for the final confidence needed to become fluent
  • You want to get a fully advanced French by putting aside a minimum of 1 hour for practice each week
  • You want a comprehensive online course you can follow independently
  • You want to take advantage of practical exercises after each lesson and get personal feedback directly from me, to level up your French
  • You are committed to following a structured learning method
  • You want to master a better and more fluid French


Why wouldn’t I just...


Buy a book?
You can. I have published a few books and audiobooks on learning French myself that are featured here on Talk in French, and I know there are other great books out there for learning by yourself.

But it takes a good amount of time and self-discipline to read through each step of a language book and apply the method presented. 

Plus when you need to keep up with the rest of your life ㇐ a job, your family, daily tasks, and some kind of social life ㇐ it’s gonna take much longer and a lot of self-discipline to evaluate your progress without anyone there to guide or help you.  

Get a tutor?

Tutoring can be great. I used to help students as a tutor and would often see good and fast results. Especially once you find what specific parts of French you struggle with, it’s certainly one of the most effective ways to learn.

But it will easily cost you around $20-$40 per hour which means moving through an entire beginners level can ramp up quickly.

Use free YouTube video or language learning apps?

Yes, there's certainly a lot of free material out there that's very helpful. I offer some of it on my YouTube channel and blog as well.

The drawback is that if you're ready to move on from the 'introduction phase' it’s up to yourself to sort through everything that’s out there and organize a structure with appropriate lessons that are right for you.

You’ll likely have to combine several different approaches and material and be your own judge about when it’s time to increase difficulty to keep moving forward ㇐ and figure out how to test it.

Here's what students say about Complete Advanced French:

"I came away with a much better sense of how to communicate..."

"I came away with a much better sense of how to communicate in writing, and, from that, with less apprehension about actually working on conversation (which is still a challenge). There are two problems I had in learning French that this course helped with:

1. I started to learn how to write in French. Learning a language requires creating sentences. 2. I learned how to use a number of sentence forms, verb tenses, and pronouns that I had not really used much before. I have the feeling now that I understand better a fuller range of how French grammar and verb tenses work. What I need now is more practice."

DAVID WRIGHT // Talk in French Advanced Graduate

"I feel much more accomplished and confident after taking this course..."

"This was an excellent refresher for me. The part I especially appreciated was the listening practice. I don't have the occasion to hear native French spoken and this was excellent practice.

I've always loved the French language. I'm not sure I could love it any more but I feel much more accomplished and confident after taking this course."

LINDA MORLEY // Talk in French Advanced Graduate

"100 fois grâce à ton cours..."

"J’adore le français depuis l’âge de 8 ans. À mon anniversaire le 20 février, je viens d’avoir 66 ans, et le français me plaît encore plus chaque année, x 100 fois grâce à ton cours. Je ne peux pas imaginer une vie sans mon apprentissage perpétuel de la langue qui durera jusqu’à la fin de mes jours !"

MICHAEL // Talk in French Advanced Graduate

"chaque leçon du cours est d’une durée convenable pour l’utilisation quotidienne..."

"J’ai beaucoup apprécié ce cours. Il m’a aidé à me souvenir les bases de français et il m’a aidé à améliorer. En outre, je voudrais rajouter que chaque leçon du cours est d’une durée convenable pour l’utilisation quotidienne. Le mélange d’enregistrement audio et les exercices assez interactifs est utile. Merci beaucoup."

WILLIAM  WATSON // Talk in French Advanced Graduate

"I particularly enjoyed the daily challenge..."

“I particularly enjoyed the daily challenge in the course, and found the length of each lesson just right to feel I was staying in touch with learning the language. The story lessons were very helpful too.”

DAVID WRIGHT// Talk in French Advanced Graduate

Zero-Risk, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There are absolutely zero risks in enrolling. If you find these online courses do not meet your expectations, you can request a refund within 30 days. No questions asked.

30 Days


Lifetime access

If you enroll in this course now, you'll also be given lifetime access to the course materials, bonus items, and anything else that might be added to this course as it develops in the future.







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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to complete if I follow the schedule?

If you follow the basic requirement most students finish a complete course within 3 months. If you decide to follow the most effective plan I designed, (5 hours a week), you'll complete the course within 8 weeks.

What happens if I need to take a break or have some days/weeks where I can't study?

No problem, I realize something can happen in life where you won't be able to study as much as you'd like, so I offer lifetime access to any course you join. This includes access to any updates that I add in the future after you join.

Will I get any help from a teacher throughout the course?

Yes, I’ll personally correct your in-course writing assignments and give you feedback on everything from how you put your sentences together to your choice of words and grammar.

There's also a comment section inside each course where you can ask me about each lesson and you can always email me about any topic related to the French culture and language at:

What if I regret joining a course?

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. That means if it's completely different from what you expected or you don't see any progress at all -- you have a chance to quit. I'll refund you at any time in the first 30 days.

What if I find out I joined at the wrong level?

It doesn't happen often but if you find the level you joined is either too easy or too difficult I will happily let you switch to another level, (up or down), at no extra cost.

This is about you getting the best results so I don't want you to struggle through a level that isn't right for you. (This is also covered by the 30-day guarantee).

Any other questions you wonder about?

Don't hesitate to contact the course creator, (which conveniently is me), if you have any questions about a course you're looking at. You can write me on this email address:


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