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"I can't believe my French hasn't gotten better. It's almost embarrassing." — Have you felt something like this?

Where is this coming from?

Even with all the language technology available for modern learners today, people still get stuck.

You’re no longer limited by the old ways of taking evening classes halfway across town or moving to France all summer to finally start speaking real French.

So why is it still so damn hard to get past the point where you can use French more spontaneously ㇐ without rehearsing every phrase or looking everything up online?

After teaching French to all kinds of students from different backgrounds and age groups, one of the toughest stages I see, still to this day, is the transition from the final beginner level to full intermediate skill.

Take a look at this situation from years ago...

A self-enforced learning plateau that make things worse

Back when I was tutoring, I’d often meet students who were about to enter one of the most exciting stages on their French journey.

I’m talking about the point where you stop always feeling shy and awkward about how you speak.

Where listening to native speakers isn’t a constant struggle just to keep up with what they’re saying.

It’s when you can watch French movies, read enough to find books useful, and have casual conversations that go beyond a basic greeting and a few rehearsed phrases.

That’s when you notice excitement from native speakers because what you’re saying isn’t a complete massacre of grammar and pronunciation ㇐ (I know, but we try).

You’re certainly not flawless yet at this point, but it’s where you leave the final beginner stage behind for good and can manage a vacation to France without speaking much English.

What could be more exciting, right?!

At least that’s what I thought as a teacher back then, but the responses that met me were very different.

To my confusion, I was met with a lot of frustration.

Many felt that their French should already be much better than it was.
They knew how to start a conversation but quickly found it hard to keep it going for as long as they wanted.
They felt awkward about their accent and how wrong they would sound to a native speaker.
These students just wanted to leave the beginner phase behind entirely ㇐ but in their minds, they started to doubt themselves because they expected to already be mastering an intermediate level ㇐ even while still focusing on beginner methods and material.

I didn’t get it.

Some had even reached a point of frustration where they were taking “one last shot at French.”

Then I realized that most had been learning for many months, even years, and now, didn’t find the same improvement compared to when they started.

It's a weird middle-stage...

Not advancing beyond an A2 or B1 level can start feeling “embarrassing” when you think about how much time you’ve spent.

As a teacher, I understand the frustration about not being able to speak at the level you expected to be at after 6 months, a year, 3 years ... longer?

It can feel like a huge disappointment when you meet someone who speaks French, and no matter how much you want to start speaking and show off what you’ve learned ㇐ it’s just not happening.

Even if you manage to spark enough confidence to force some French out, it just sounds clunky and nervous.

Like an off-key singer in a talent show.

Full-on cringey embarrassment.

This is where many intermediate learners get stuck for a very long time. Not knowing how to reach independent French without a “beginner’s awkwardness.”

It’s human nature when we get to a point where things aren’t moving as fast as we'd like, in the direction we want. We think it’s not going to happen.

As frustrating as it can be, that kind of thinking becomes a comfort zone that keeps you from improving because you get locked into the status quo.

Most of the students I meet today still have the same major problems that those I met several years ago had.

They recycle the same approach and materials that worked fine in the early stages but now has them stuck at a learning plateau. All the while, secretly expecting to somehow magically break free one day.

Today, that’s often a cycle of language apps, free ebooks, flashcards, podcasts, YouTube lessons, etc. ㇐ even rusty old school-books with an insanely outdated curriculum.

These can be great introductions or support vehicles for more structured learning, but developing a confident French beyond the point where you're stuck means breaking free of what's keeping you there.


A program specifically designed to help you break through this learning plateau where you may otherwise be stuck for…how long has it been now?

A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Online Course for Intermediate-Level French

(EUR 179 | CAD 249 | GBP 169 | AUD 289 | CHF 179)
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Inside Complete Intermediate French:

Lifetime access

If you enroll in this course now, you'll also be given lifetime access to the course materials, bonus items, and anything else that might be added to this course as it develops in the future.


Here's what students say about Complete Intermediate French:


Talk in French Intermediate Graduate

"Your course managed to keep me going..."

"My story with French is a search with a lot of frustration and some joy. But your course has managed to keep me going, and this has to do with the system of the graded essays and the way you structure your lessons, and the useful listening material. Your course, for my taste, is not overloaded. This is a great accomplishment!"


Talk in French Intermediate Graduate

"Getting targeted feedback and corrections makes all the difference..."

“I’m loving it. Getting targeted feedback and corrections makes all the difference compared with other online platforms. As they get harder, I’m spacing out the lessons to give me a chance to revise what I’ve learned. I’d like to think my pronunciation was improving too but won’t know that until I get to France”


Talk in French Intermediate Student

"I had a real problem interpreting the spoken word..."

"Although I could read French and be able to translate most articles, I had a real problem interpreting the spoken word, which in turn inhibited me from starting a conversation. The ability to listen to conversations at various speeds helped me to attune my ear better and also helped me realize that I didn't have to translate every single word to get the gist of what people say."

Course Curriculum

Module 1: The Ins And Outs Of Constructing A Flowing Sentence

Learn how to:

  • Understand the right tense and “mood” and arrange pronouns for more flowing sentences, instead of being locked into short, restricted explanations.
  • Develop dialog and explain situations in third person to level up your conversations by sounding better to the native ear.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 1 : The Infinitive Mood

Lesson 2: Indirect Speech And Food Vocabulary

Lesson 3: Introduction to Mood, Tense, And Aspect

Lesson 4: Order of Double Object Pronouns

Lesson 5: Placement of Object Pronouns In Negative, Interrogative, and Imperative Sentences

Module 2: Sentences That Make You Sound More French

Learn how to:

  • Expand into more advanced sentences while still keeping your structure clear and simple.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 6: Present Participle/Gerund

Lesson 7: Irregular Verbs “-oir”

Lesson 8: Prepositions “Par,” “Pour,” and “En”

Lesson 9: Present Conditional

Lesson 10: Indirect Speech – Balancing of Tense

Module 3: Discuss Past Events More Fluidly

Learn how to:

  • Express your thoughts with more precision and discover more ways to talk about the past in French.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 11: Disjunctive Pronouns

Lesson 12: Expressions with “Avoir”

Lesson 13: Simple Past vs. Compound Past and Vocabulary Related to Routine

Lesson 14: The Pluperfect

Lesson 15: Past Conditional

Module 4: Sentence Framing

Here you’ll learn:

  • Use different kinds of prepositions that will help you frame your sentences better.
  • Use the three conditionals in French to talk about what may happen in present and future and be able to discuss quantity.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 16 : Other Prepositions

Lesson 17: Other Prepositions Part 2

Lesson 18: The Three Forms of "If" in French

Lesson 19: Verbs with Prepositions “de” and “à”

Lesson 20: Talking About Quantity

Module 5: Get Sophisticated

Here you’ll learn:

  • Refer to people you're talking about in a non-clumsy manner.
  • Express a positive, negative, or neutral link to your expressions.
  • Weave extremely useful conversation connectors into your sentences.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 21: Demonstrative Pronouns

Lesson 22: More Expressions about Conditional Form

Lesson 23: How to Express Cause and Vocabulary About Religions

Lesson 24: Coordinating Conjunctions

Lesson 25: Expressions to Say “Sorry” in French

Module 6: Enter Real Conversations Part 1

Here you’ll learn how to:

  • Express yourself more clearly and grow your conversation skills to longer and more varied discussions.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 26: Adverbs and Well-Wishes

Lesson 27: Terms to Express Consequence

Lesson 28: How to Express Opposition

Lesson 29: Expressing Objectives and Vocabulary About Flowers

Lesson 30: Expressing Likes and Dislikes

Module 7: Enter Real Conversations Part 2

Learn how to:

  • Distinguish between "savoir” and "connaître” to express the right use of "to know."
  • Get the word order right with adverbs.
  • Use correct phrasing for subjective opinions/feelings vs. objective conditions.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 31: Placement of Adverbs and Vocabulary Related to Trees

Lesson 32: Conditional and Other Tenses

Lesson 33: At the Train Station and at the Bank

Lesson 34: More Practice and Vocabulary About Sports

Lesson 35: “Savoir” and “Connaître” and Vocabulary Related to Work

Module 8: Add Flair To Your French

What's in store for you:

  • Learn the "historical past tense" which will improve your writing and boost your reading level.
  • Link elements in your sentence correctly when you express an idea to avoid confusion.
  • Dive into French literary works.

Lesson and Topic

Lesson 36: Relative Pronouns

Lesson 37: The Many Uses of “Faire” and Vocabulary About Children

Lesson 38: Compound Relative Pronouns and Vocabulary About Birds

Lesson 39: The Historical Past Tense (Part 1)

Lesson 40: The Historical Past Tense (Part 2)

Bonus Learning Tools

Speaking practice exercises: Different speaking exercises to help you get the correct pronunciation, develop your charming French accent, and build your confidence for speaking in actual conversations.
Essay exercises:
Essay writing with feedback — a customized training arena for you to practice and get direct feedback from the course creator himself (that’s me).
Quizzes for every lesson to help you instantly explore and test what you learn along the way.
Short Stories in French:
Short stories to practice your comprehension of context and explore French culture.
Weekly recaps:
Recap exercises that sum up what you learned in each module and prepare to build on it.


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(EUR 179 | CAD 249 | GBP 169 | AUD 289 | CHF 179)
 Limited seats are available this month!

Bonjour !

Welcome to Talk in French!

"One of the things that struck me when I was teaching French is the limited range of resources that fully meet the needs of the busy, modern learner. Since then, I have made it my life’s work to remedy this, one French book and one French course at a time.

Drawing on my long years of teaching, I have selected the most effective approach and tools that will resonate best with modern students — young and old alike.

This course is one of the results of my careful analysis and fine-tuning of the learning methods I have used over the years.

Learning French is a daunting task, but in this course you will discover how easy, enjoyable, and convenient learning French can be."

Frédéric Bibard- Founder of Talk In French

Frederic BIBARD
Frederic BIBARD


Why wouldn’t I just...

Buy a book?

You can. I have published a few books and audiobooks on learning French myself that are featured here on Talk in French, and I know there are other great books out there for learning by yourself.

But it takes a good amount of time and self-discipline to read through each step of a language book and apply the method presented.

Plus, when you need to keep up with the rest of your life ㇐ a job, your family, daily tasks, and some kind of social life ㇐ it’s going to take much longer and a lot of self-discipline to evaluate your own progress without anyone there to guide or help you.

Get a tutor?

Tutoring can be great. I used to help students as a tutor and would often see good and fast results. Especially once you find what specific parts of French you struggle with, it’s certainly one of the most effective ways to learn.

But it will easily cost you around $20-$40 per hour, which means moving through the entire intermediate level, ramps up the cost pretty quickly.

Use free YouTube videos or language learning apps?

Yes, there's certainly a lot of free material out there that's very helpful. I offer some of it on my YouTube page and blog as well.

The drawback is that once you know enough basic French, it’s up to you to sort through everything that’s out there and organize a structure with appropriate lessons that are right for your current level.

You’ll likely have to combine several different approaches and material and be your own judge about when it’s time to increase the difficulty to keep moving forward ㇐ and figure out how to test your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

Most students finish the course in 40 hours.

What happens if I need to take a break or have some days/weeks where I can't study?

No problem. I realize things can happen in life where you won't be able to study as much as you'd like, so I offer lifetime access to any course you join. This includes access to any updates that I add in the future after you join.

Will I get any help from a teacher throughout the course?

Either Frédéric or a certified French teacher will give you personal feedback in the essay writing exercises.

There's also a comment section inside each course where you can ask me about each lesson and you can always email me about any topic related to the French culture and language at:

What if I change my mind after joining a course?

I offer a 60-day money back guarantee. That means if it's completely different from what you expected or you don't see any progress at all — you have a chance to quit. I'll refund your money at any time in the first 60 days.


What if I find out I joined at the wrong level?

It doesn't happen often, but if you find the level you joined is either too easy or too difficult I will happily let you switch to another level, (up or down), at no extra cost.

This is about you getting the best results, so I don't want you to struggle through a level that isn't right for you. (This is also covered by the 60-day guarantee.)

Any other questions you wonder about?

Don't hesitate to contact the course creator (which conveniently is me) if you have any questions about a course you're looking at. You can write to me at this email address:

Take advantage of these free bonuses now and save USD 204.00!

Bonus 1
Listening Practice level 2
French Listening Boost Course
(value USD 15.00)
Bonus 2
Reading Boost level2
French Reading Boost Course: Short Stories (value USD 39.00)
FREE French Essay Checking Service
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Here's a quick price breakdown:

  • Complete Intermediate Course: USD 179
  • French Listening Boost Course: USD 15.00 FREE
  • French Reading Boost Course: Short Stories: USD 39.00 FREE
  • Essay Checking Service: 150 USD FREE

Total value: USD 383

Total price: USD 179 

(EUR 179 | CAD 249 | GBP 169 | AUD 289 | CHF 179)
Limited seats are available this month!

Enroll now and save USD 204.00!

Zero-Risk, 100% 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel like our online courses work for you, you can request a refund within 60 days of purchase, we will promptly refund your course fee, no questions asked.


Talk in French Intermediate Graduate

"It has been like having my own personal tutor..."

"It has been like having my own personal tutor – one that not only corrects errors, but provides encouragement throughout the process. I also appreciate having the opportunity to email you questions about items that are not clear to me, or where I’m having difficulty understanding."


Talk in French Intermediate Student

"I have already experienced an improvement in the level of my French comprehension..."

"I have already experienced an improvement in the level of my French comprehension. In particular, my understanding of when to use which past tense has really improved.

I appreciate being able to go back over previous lessons and refresh some of the knowledge I have picked up.

Spoken examples in each module are useful, as understanding spoken French was always an area I found difficult. I also participate in online French class, and now feel quite comfortable describing past events to the teacher and other students."



Talk in French Intermediate Student

"With the lessons I could confidently make travel arrangements..."

"With the lessons learned I could confidently make travel arrangements and order meals in French if I was going to French countries including the French speaking Canadian province of New Brunswick."


A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Online Course for Intermidiate-Level French

USD 179.00

USD 383.00

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