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Achieve fluency in French faster & save years of studying. Discover the proven strategies and techniques to thrive in French conversations – without relocating to France.

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The writing exercises became the most useful and rewarding aspect...

"There were several things that really impressed me about this course. First (and most important) is the practice actually writing essays in French, and having them corrected!

I spent a huge amount of time on the writing exercises, and they became the most useful and rewarding aspect of this course. I cannot imagine how anyone finds the time to read and comment on these, but you have my heartfelt thanks."


Talk In French Beginner Graduate


Now I have the opportunity to make mistakes and have them corrected...

"Now I have the opportunity to make mistakes and have them corrected. The exercises are returned very promptly before I have a chance to forget the problems I had in writing them, which is much appreciated.

I had been teaching myself French and reached the point where I had to make a decision; find a course that suited me or give up. I'm happy I found Frederic and his courses, they are exactly what I need. Once I've completed the Complete Beginner Course, I intend to continue to the Intermediate and hopefully advanced levels."


Talk In French Beginner Graduate


It has been like having my own personal tutor...

“It has been like having my own personal tutor – one that not only corrects errors, but provides encouragement throughout the process."


Talk In French Intermediate Graduate


Meet The Founder


I'm Frédéric 👋🏼

In 2013, I started Talk in French out of a passion for French and a wish to teach others.

What began as a small initiative grew into a comprehensive platform for French learners worldwide.

My team and I have made French courses for all levels, so everyone can find their perfect fit.

Today, Talk in French is trusted by over 10,000 (and counting) lovers of the French language like you. 🤯

The reason is simple: We’re the first and only French courses platform that allows students to get immediate & personalized feedback from native speakers. 😉

We don’t want our students to waste years stumbling over common pitfalls and making the same mistakes.

No more spending weeks cramming French verbs, only to discover you’ve been butchering the pronunciation.

No more wishing you had a French buddy to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

However, because of how hands-on we get with feedback, we can only bring in a handful of students each month. 

We want to make sure each student is given the individual attention and guidance they truly deserve.

So scroll down & pick the perfect courses for you before we run out of spots! 👇🏼

Why Choose Talk in French Over Other Courses? 🤔

We asked our students what they like most about us, here’s what they said:

Highly Motivating Lessons

Dive into French that's not just textbook talk but the stuff you'll actually use. Imagine confidently chatting away the next time you meet a French speaker!

Self-Paced Learning

We know you’re busy! Binge on lessons or take a week off — it’s all up to you.

Active Learning Focus

You'll be speaking, writing, and truly understanding French. The next time a French tune plays, we hope you'll be singing along — and getting every word.

Certificate of Completion

Earn more than just bragging rights. Show off your dedication and skill, whether on your wall or your resume.

Personal Coaching

Get personalized feedback. It's like having a French pal guiding you, making sure you don’t make mistakes and sound like you’ve been in France for years.

Affordable Price

Just 10% of the cost of a tutor or a language school. Imagine getting top-tier French lessons for less than your monthly coffee budget!

Find the Course That Suits You Best

No matter your current proficiency in French, we have a course tailored for you! 😊

Beginner Course: Zero to Conversational Within 60 Days, Guaranteed

Having a hard time putting together basic French sentences? Or that sinking feeling when your pronunciation gets you blank stares? With our course, you'll be confidently constructing sentences and nailing that accent in no time — guaranteed! Imagine confidently chatting with locals on your next trip to France. No more language barriers, no more feeling left out. Dive in, and let us guide you through every step, turning those French hurdles into stepping stones.

Intermediate Course: Destroy Your French Plateau

Ever felt stuck in your French journey, repeating the same routine phrases without expressing more complex ideas? This course propels you beyond the basics. Picture yourself engaging in rich conversations, expressing emotions and thoughts with finesse, and being understood just like a local. We streamline your learning, so you don’t waste another moment on methods that don’t stick. Dive in and uncover the full beauty of the French language with us.

Advanced Course: Unlock True French Mastery

Want to truly grasp the poetry, engage in deep conversations, or capture the essence of French culture? This course takes you there. Dive into rich communication, uncover cultural subtleties, and get a grip on specialized vocabulary. With expert guidance, fine-tune your fluency & immerse yourself in authentic French experiences. Your journey to becoming indistinguishable from a native speaker starts here.


The Complete French Courses Bundle

Speak French fluently with personalized feedback, step-by-step learning, on-demand support, and access to a global community of 10,000+ French lovers.

The Ultimate French Collection

The 12-in-1 French Collection Bundle contains everything you need to know to become a confident French speaker even if you’ve never spoken French before…

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