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Welcome to Talk in French, your one-stop solution for mastering the French language with ease. Our program offers comprehensive online courses covering all levels and skills, as well as personalized writing feedback from our expert instructors to ensure your success.

Our founder, Frédéric Bibard, created Talk in French in 2013 as a small French blog catering to busy French learners. Since then, the website has grown into a full-fledged platform offering various products for French language learners and Francophiles alike, and has received recognition as one of the top language learning blogs.

As a member of Talk in French, you'll enjoy unique features that set us apart from other language learning programs, including:

  • A FREE lifetime update guarantee.
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee. Find out more about the Refund Policy here.
  • A friendly and reliable customer service team that is always ready to help. Simply send your concerns to contact@talkinfrench.com.
  • Personalized writing feedback from our expert instructors to ensure your success.

Our products cover various grammar, vocabulary, and other topics through a variety of learning methods, with the aim of making the French language less intimidating for anyone who wishes to learn it. No matter your age, motivation, learning level, or busy schedule, our courses are designed to make learning French accessible to everyone.

And the best part? Our online courses are constantly expanding with new and exciting features to help you master French. Whether you're looking to brush up on your grammar or improve your speaking skills, we have the perfect course for you.

Join our community of learners today and unlock the beauty of French with Talk in French.


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    1. Hello, we do not offer this option yet. However you have a section in our course where you can practice your writing in French and we will correct it. Thx

  1. B1 level – DELF:
    1. in particular production orale has 3 parts, how will your course help me practice and master, these 3 parts, since I cannot speak to native speakers through your course?

    2. Comprehension orale part of DELF B1- how will your course help me practice and master this?