About Talk in French

The brainchild of founder Frédéric Bibard, TalkinFrench.com has gone a long way from its origins as a small French blog catering to busy French learners into a full-fledged website offering various products for French language learners and Francophiles alike.

 Since its creation in 2013, Talk in French has received various recognition and has been cited as #6 in the Top 25 Language Learning Blogs for 2014 and # 4 in 2015, emerging as the top French blog all over the web in the en.bab.la and Lexiophiles annual search for the Top 100 Language Learning Blogs.

The website which continuously aims to make the French language fresh, fun, and motivating, has spawned several books, not only about the French language, but also about French culture and travel.

Covering various grammar, vocabulary, learning methods, tourism, and other topics, Talk in French products aim to make the French language less intimidating for anyone who wishes to learn it-regardless of age, motivations, learning level - and how busy he/she may be.

Some unique features of Talk in French courses:

  • FREE lifetime update guaranteed. All courses are regularly updated with fresh new content and amazing add-on resources. Buyers can get those updates as they come - at no extra cost!
  • Audio version available. Talk in French courses come with a free audio version that the readers could listen to while reading or as a standalone material. Improve your listening and pronunciation skills with each course from Talk in French!
  • Simple layout. No frills and easy on the eyes. All courses are formatted in a simple way to avoid distractions and facilitate fast learning!
  • Easy-to-follow sequence. The contents of the courses are logically sequenced and properly grouped in such a way that will make readers absorb the lessons faster. Topics are divided into situational themes that can easily be looked up as the need arises, and lessons are arranged while carefully taking into consideration the learners’ needs and progression.
  • Friendly and reliable customer service. All emails and concerns will be catered to and given satisfactory solutions. Simply send your concerns to contact@talkinfrench.com and Talk in French Founder Frederic will personally attend to your questions or concerns.
  • 60-Day Money-back Guarantee. Talk in French continuously strives to offer useful and top-quality resources for French learners. But should any buyer feel dissatisfied with their purchase despite attempts to resolve the issue,  the said buyer will be entitled to a refund -- no questions asked. Know more about the Refund Policy here.

Here's what our customers are saying

I really love the Talk in French learning materials. They are affordable, and available in so many formats (mobi for kindle, pdf for printing out, etc.). Also, they include both visual and audio learning materials so I can learn by looking at the written language as well as by hearing it.  

The material is fun and there are even pictures in them, which I find helpful and entertaining. There are materials for not only basic grammar type learning, but also for real-life situations such as learning idioms and slang. Also, the customer service is exceptional  Frederic has gone above and beyond to help me with technical issues. I can tell he genuinely cares and enjoys what he does. 

- Sharon Chen

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Merci beaucoup.