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Practical French Conversations for Everyday Communication

  • 100+ practical French dialogues about realistic scenarios: Practice what to say in common interactions such as going to the airport, transacting at the bank, first date, job interview, ordering food, buying items, having drinks in the bar, sharing a business idea, and more.
  • French audio recorded by two native French speakers: Listen to the dialogue and practice your listening skills by listening to a standard French conversation between a male and female speaker.
  • English translation provided in parallel text format: Quickly understand the conversation with the help of the English translation.   
  • Thousands of frequently used French words and conversation-ready phrases: Expand your French vocabulary and immediately put them to use in actual conversations.
  • Test your comprehension: Start by following along to the audio by reading the transcript and monitor your progress by listening to the audio without reading the text.
  • Enroll risk-free and get a 30-day money-back guarantee

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Conversational French for Speaking and Listening Practice

Speaking French is hard and terrifying. Even some of the more seasoned French learners still have a difficult time engaging in French conversations especially with native French speakers.

How does one get past the fear (nay, the dread!) of holding French conversations? How does one get through day-to-day living in a French-speaking country and interact with locals in pure French? How can you gain conversational fluency in French and be able to participate in lively and interesting discussions?

French Dialogues for Extensive Listening Practice

If your goal is to be able to engage in French conversations and lose that particular wave of panic at the thought of speaking to someone in French, you need lots of practice. But practising your conversation skills in French can be tough if you don’t have access to French-speaking conversation partners or if you are not in a French-speaking country. And even when you’re in a French-speaking country, you still need prior practice before going outside and interacting with the locals. 


This is where French Conversations can help. 

This course is created by Frederic Bibard, the founder of top French website Frederic, a native of Paris, France, has spent more than a decade teaching French abroad. 

One of the things that struck him when he was teaching French is the limited range of resources that fully meet the needs of the busy, modern learner. Since then, he has made it his life’s work to remedy this, one French book and one French course at a time.

Drawing on his long years of teaching, he has selected the most effective approach and tools that will resonate best with the modern student--young and old alike. 

This course is one of the results of his careful analysis and fine-tuning of the learning methods he’s used over the years.

Here’s how this Conversational French Course will help you:

  • Learn and practice what to say during common daily scenarios such as going to the airport, transacting at the bank, first date, job interview, ordering food, buying items, having drinks in the bar, sharing a business idea, and more.
  • Boost  your listening skills by listening to a standard French conversation between a male and female native French speakers.
  • Quickly understand the conversation with the help of the English translation.   
  • Expand your French vocabulary with thousands of French words and conversation-ready phrases.
  • Practice everyday and see a tremendous increase in your listening and conversational fluency!

100+ Practical French Dialogues

The conversations in this course are about realistic daily interactions and day-to-day events that you could use to model your conversations. You can find themes such as asking for a favor, having drinks in a bar, introducing someone, buying a train ticket, going to the airport, talking about art, transacting at the bank, going on a first date, job interview, and so much more other useful scenarios. 

Expand Your Vocabulary

You’ll find thousands of French words and phrases that you can readily use in your day-to-day conversations. Since the dialogues are sorted by theme, you will be able to learn the vocabulary by topic, plus, with the audio accompaniment, you can compare how the words appear versus how it sounds. 

Written in Parallel Text with English Translation

The dialogues are also written in parallel text format with its English translation, so on your first reading of the conversation, you will be able to understand it immediately. Once you are feeling more confident of your listening skills, you can challenge yourself by listening to the conversations without the text in front of you.

Survive--and thrive!--in a French-speaking area

If you are currently living (or planning to move) in a French-speaking country, this course and its audio can also be a great help to you. Spanning a wide range of day-to-day topics and scenarios, you can practice the conversations at home before you go out to interact with the locals.

Become a Good Conversationalist in French

Being able to speak in French is good. But what’s even better is becoming a good conversationalist in French! This course will expose you to different flows of dialogue that you can use as a model in your real-life conversations--with topics ranging from art, movie recommendations, fashion, cooking, TV programs, football, and even what to say on your first date. 

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Engage in simple conversations with French native speakers.
  • Navigate a French-speaking area comfortably and without fear.
  • Improve your conversational French skills considerably
  • Get insights into normal French conversations between two native speakers
  • Develop your listening skills in French--whether you are a beginner of intermediate level learner.
  • Using the realistic daily interactions and day-to-day conversations in the course, you will be able to practice it and use as a model to your conversations.
  • Eliminate any fear you might have about speaking to a native French speaker.

This course will benefit you greatly if:

  • You are a beginner level learner with zero to little experience in speaking French. 
  • You have been learning French for a while but you need help in practising your listening skills. 
  • You lack conversational partners to practice your French conversations. 
  • You need to train your ears to become more comfortable in listening to French conversations between native speakers.
  • You are travelling or moving to France or any French-speaking locality in the very near future.
  • You need to learn French in the fastest way possible.
  • You are looking to get a head start in your French lessons.

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