French Vocabulary Mastery Course: French Words and Colloquial Expressions

Memorizing French vocabulary can be a daunting task, but it’s also one of the most rewarding parts of learning the language. In fact, vocabulary is one aspect that you should devote a lot of time if you want to learn a new language. 

Aside from learning French words, to fully understand French vocabulary, you need to learn French slang as well, and learn the frequently used French idiomatic expressions. 

But how do you boost your French vocabulary in a way that is both intuitive and logical?

Master French Vocabulary and Expressions

When the French vocabulary textbooks, reviewers, dictionaries, and flashcards are not enough for you to learn new words in its right context, you need a different approach. 

You need a course whose main aim is to help you not just learn French vocabulary, but fully understand them as well. You need an online course that combines lessons, audio, and exercises for a fully maximized vocabulary learning experience.

In this course, French Vocabulary Mastery Course, learn all the words, slang terms, and idiomatic expressions that you need to fully understand French texts and spoken conversations, and be able to use them in your speech. 

With its strong focus on teaching you correct pronunciation, you will be able to compare how the French word or expression looks versus how it is spoken. You will also be able to fully comprehend how the word or expression is used through the example sentences and exercises.

New! Now with Bonus Short Stories to Learn Vocabulary in Context

One key component in learning vocabulary effectively is to see and hear it being used in the right context. This is crucial in helping you absorb the new words you learn and be able to start using them properly in your conversations.

In the latest update to the French Vocabulary Mastery Course, each lesson covering a specific vocabulary and slang theme now includes a bonus short story (74 short stories added!). The short stories make use of the vocabulary or colloquial terms you have learned in the lesson and comes with an English translation and an embedded audio. 

Read the story first and at the bottom of the page, you may click to view the English translation so you could compare if your understanding of the French text matches that of the English translation.

Best of luck on this course.

Merci ! Thank you!

Frédéric BIBARD

Founder, Talk in French

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the progress bar to track my progress? 

You will see the progress bar at the upper left of the screen when you access any course. Once you have completed a lesson and mark it complete, the equivalent percentage of the course taken will be reflected in the progress bar.

Take note that the lessons may be taken in any order and your progress will still be tracked. Though it is highly recommended that you follow the sequence provided.

In lessons that contain quizzes, you need to complete all the quizzes first before you will be able to complete each lesson.

2. How can I access my course?

In the upper left corner of the page, you will see the My Account button. Click it and it will lead you to this URL:

Once you enter your details, you will have access to your “profile page”. From there you will be able to access the different courses you purchased.

3. Can I download an offline version (e-book) of the course?

Yes, you should be able to see the first module called “offline materials” where you can get the downloadable version of your course. We are about to simplify the system to make it even easier. A print version and an e-book version will be provided as well.

4. Can I give my feedback or ask you a question?

Yes, please. I am eager for a challenge. If you don’t like some parts or you think it needs improvement, criticisms are always welcome.

You can send me an email at or, even better and easier, simply leave a comment on the lesson.

5.  Can I retake a quiz and get an updated score?

Yes you do have an option to retake the quiz and each time, your new score will be reflected.  But for learning purposes, my advice is to take note of your errors and try to do better in the succeeding quizzes.

Should you have questions or comments about this course, please feel free to leave a message in this contact form or directly on the lesson page.  

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Hi, I'm Frederic from France. I am the founder of Talk In French. I have +10 years of experience teaching French. Let's study together!

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