The Complete Advanced French Course

Hey there, French learner. Bonjour and welcome to the Complete Advanced French Course. Whether you started with the previous courses, or enrolled in this course separately, I would like to start by saying, thank you for signing up. 

I would also like to wish you the best of luck as you embark on an eight-week journey to brush up on the French language. If you’ve started out with the earlier lessons, you will notice that this course immediately picks up where the intermediate course ended.

Just as with the beginner and intermediate courses, you now have access to a complete step-by-step learning method to learn and practice your French.

Here’s how this course works

The entirety of this course is divided into forty lessons. You will find that it is designed for you to work on a single lesson each day, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks, with a recap lesson every weekend.

Each daily lesson contains the following:

  • One to three topics per day
  • Sample dialogue to illustrate a grammar point
  • Audio recorded by native French speakers for you to practice listening and learn the correct pronunciation
  • Quizzes after each lesson
  • Listening practice activities
  • Writing exercises personally checked and reviewed with feedback provided
  • 2-4 speaking practice exercises
  • Vocabulary lists
  • and more

You will notice as you take the course that the lessons are not too lengthy. We try to make the lessons as clear and concise as possible while giving you plenty of time for practising your listening and writing skills and reinforcing the grammar and vocabulary you learned through the quizzes.

If at any point during the course you are confused or you feel the need to clarify some key points, please send me a message in the contact form in this page or by leaving a comment in the lesson page and I will answer you shortly. 

What makes this French course different?

I know, I know, the market is overloaded with French language courses. But what makes this course different is the method. 

I have taken the best bits and pieces of what has worked so well for my students in the past, and incorporated all of it into this course. You will find the most important grammar points and vocabulary lists in a short daily lesson followed by several exercises for you to practice your listening and writing skills.

Aside from that, I offer a complete support to every course-taker. I will be personally checking each writing exercise and I will provide feedback to help you improve your writing skills. Should you have any question throughout the lessons, send me a message and I will try my best to give an immediate response.

A Strong Focus on Listening

Throughout my years as a French teacher, I have always emphasized listening as a key skill that learners need to focus on. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, practicing your listening skills in French is very important. But just any type of listening is not enough. I want you to have audio materials that are specially crafted and inserted in all the right places to help boost your learning. These are embedded into the material itself.

Unlike all the other audio courses you can find on the market, the listening exercises that I included in this course have been merged with the daily lessons in order to fully maximize your comprehension.

As part of the lessons, you can listen to French conversations that illustrate a grammar topic, follow along to practice your pronunciation of the vocabulary, and get a stronger grasp of your lessons through the audio aids provided. You will also have plenty of listening exercises to help you harness your listening skills.

Create a Learning Habit

Learning French is no walk in the park. It requires you to sustain a certain level of enthusiasm and commitment. As a French learner, you already know that some days are harder than others, and some moments your motivation is so low that you feel as if you cannot go any further.

How to remedy this? Break the tasks into small, daily doses and build a learning habit as you go along.

This is the core concept behind all of my products and courses at This course, like the rest of the Talk in French resources, builds on that idea. I believe that if you spend time everyday consistently following a daily lesson, you can learn so much more, and progress so much more quickly than if you do it irregularly. 

This course—plus all of the previous courses in this series—will help you with that. So, if you are an intermediate or advanced French learner, you are looking at the course that is ideal for your level. However, if you are a complete beginner or low intermediate level, I suggest you begin with the previous courses and make your way from there.

Practice Your Writing Skills with Graded Essays

This course comes with essay writing exercises to help you improve your writing skills in French. The essays are personally corrected by me, Frederic, and I also provide feedback on the essays you submit. You can learn more about the essay instructions here.

In each essay writing exercise, we provide example sentences for you to study and model your answers from. But for your own interest and to help you improve your skills, please create your own unique sentences regardless of how challenging or full of errors it may be. It is part of the learning process after all.

Now with 100+ Speaking Exercises!

In the latest update to this premium course, you will now be able to improve your pronunciation and gain confidence in speaking French through the speaking exercises in each daily lesson. 

There are 2-4 speaking practice exercises in each lesson---graded and non-graded. The graded exercises will help you know if your pronunciation is correct while the non-graded exercises work as a recorder with audio playback and download option to help you listen to your pronunciation, compare how you sound versus the native speaker, and be able to clearly assess your progress.

New! Now with Bonus Short Stories to Improve Your French Reading Comprehension

To make this course truly a complete and immersive learning method for you, we have added short stories after each week of lessons to help you practice your reading skills in French. 

Each short story focuses on an aspect of French culture and is designed specifically for your current level (upper intermediate to advanced). The stories make use of grammar structures and vocabulary that you will encounter throughout the lessons. 

Read the story first and at the bottom of the page, you may click to view the English translation so you could compare if your understanding of the French text matches that of the English translation.

After taking this course, you should be able to:

  • Convey your ideas very clearly and have meaningful conversations in French with native speakers
  • Demonstrate boosted knowledge and polished skills in the French language
  • Confidently navigate different scenarios while using the French language
  • Pull from an arsenal of 3000 vocabulary words and expressions for use in your daily conversations
  • See a big improvement in your French writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills
  • See a big improvement in your French writing and speaking skills

Learn Offline

This course is also available in an e-book format which you may download and save to any of your devices. If you wish to continue learning offline to make use of your time while on your commute or doing other tasks, you may also use the e-book version of this course. Simply download the PDF or epub version and the free MP3 files  below in the lesson marked "Offline Materials". These files are also available in the email receipt upon purchase of this course. 

Bonus lessons

Aside from the daily lessons, you will also be able to access free lessons from the Ultimate French Language Study Guide, Fluent in French.

The extra lessons will help you address common issues faced by learners of the French language such as how to keep your motivation high, how to build an effective learning habit, how to manage when you plateau in your lessons, and so much more.

I sincerely hope you will find this course helpful.

Bonne chance, good luck!

Frederic BIBARD
Founder, Talk in French

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the progress bar to track my progress?

You will see the progress bar at the upper left corner of the screen when you access any course. Once you have completed a lesson and mark it complete, the equivalent percentage of the course taken will be reflected in the progress bar.

Take note that the lessons may be taken in any order and your progress will still be tracked. Though it is highly recommended that you follow the sequence provided.

In lessons that contain quizzes, you need to complete all the quizzes first before you will be able to complete each lesson.

We offer writing exercises that are personally being reviewed and given feedback by myself, Frederic Bibard. Once the essays are reviewed and approved, the writing exercise will be marked as completed. So if your essay is not yet received and corrected, the lesson will not be considered complete by the system.

2. Where can I access the corrected essay?

I will personally leave comments in the essay section of the course. You should be able to receive a notification in your email inbox and from there click on the “permalink” and you will be able to view the feedback and corrections.

In general, I will correct the error(s) in red and provide an alternative to your sentence in green font. In most cases, your sentence may be grammatically correct but it can sound more natural with the alternative sentence written in the green font.

Another way you can access the corrected essays is by checking Progress page. Please see the screenshot below. 

3. How can I access my course?

You need to login in this URL:

Once you enter your details, you will have access to your “Progress” page. From there you will be able to access the different courses you purchased.

4. Can I download an offline version (e-book) of the course?

Yes in most courses you should be able to see the first module called “offline materials” where you can get the downloadable version of your course. We are about to simplify the system to make it even easier. A printable version and an e-book version/audiobook version will be provided as well whenever applicable.

5. Can I give my feedback or ask you a question?

Yes, please. I am eager for a challenge. If you don’t like some parts or you think it needs improvement, criticisms are always welcome.

You can send me an email at or, even better and easier, simply leave a comment on the lesson.

6. Can I resubmit an essay in the writing exercises?

We limit the number of submissions per quiz, but if you think you sent your essay by mistake, just contact us using the email address I provided above or you may also leave your message below with the link to the quiz.

7. Can I retake a quiz and get an updated score?

Yes you do have an option to retake the quiz and each time, your new score will be reflected.  But for learning purposes, my advice is to take note of your errors and try to do better in the succeeding quizzes.

Note: This list of FAQs will be updated from time to time as I receive new questions. Thank you, merci, and best of luck! Bonne chance !

Do you have a question for me?

Please email me using the contact form below:

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