How to download the audio?

Please take note that the audio is in MP3 format and needs to be accessed online. 

Here's how to download it:

On your computer, smartphone, iphone/ipad or tablet, type the link provided on the book you purchased from us.  

The link will give you two options: 

1. a direct link where you can listen to the audio and download it immediately, and 

2. a link to download the files via Dropbox.

Take note that if you want an easier way to access the files using any type of device (including iOS), choose the direct link option. But if you are a Dropbox user who wants to access the files on your Dropbox account, you can also use the Dropbox option as an alternative.

Here’s how to download using the two different options:


Method 1: Get the audio via Direct Link

  • In the link provided, choose the DIRECT LINK option.
  • Proceed to the page and listen to the audio directly or download it to any device. 

Method 2: Download the audio files via Dropbox

  • After selecting the Dropbox option on the page, you will see the MP3 files saved in a Dropbox folder.
  • Locate the DOWNLOAD button on the Dropbox folder or save it to your own Dropbox so you can access the audio on connected devices.
  • The files you have downloaded would be saved in a .zip file. Simply extract these files from the .zip folder, save to your computer or copy to your preferred devices. If your smartphone or tablet has a zip file extractor, you can download it immediately onto your device.

If you have issues with downloading the audio, feel free to send an email to We'll do our best to assist you, but it would be greatly appreciated if you thoroughly review the instructions first.