Beginner’s French Grammar in 30 Days

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Remove the pain in learning French grammar by building a learning habit


This e-book gives you a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about French Grammar for beginner learners.

  • 1 short lesson per day for 30 days
  • Simple exercises
  • MP3 pronunciation guide included
  • Perfect for busy learners: lessons are no more than 15 minutes per day!
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • New! BONUS: Free Beginner’s French Grammar Workbook with 300 grammar exercises


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Beginner-Level French Grammar

French has too many grammar rules! Nothing is more frustrating for French learners than having to go through so many complicated rules, exceptions to the rules, and even more exceptions to the rule exceptions.

Makes your head spin, doesn’t it? Aside from complicated grammar lessons, you will also have to contend yourself with boring grammar reference books. But does French grammar really have to be complicated and boring?

Simplified French Grammar Book

What you need is a simple grammar book that takes you step-by-step without any unnecessary fluff or frills. You need practical guides that focus on the main rules and not the exception.


Straight-to-the-point lessons


Easily digestible explanations


Fun, un-boring approach

Introducing: Beginner’s French Grammar in 30 Days

This e-book provides you with short and practical lessons (at less than 15 minutes per day) on how to convey ideas in French. It is direct-to-the-point, and through this e-book, you will learn the most useful and relevant French grammar lessons in an effective way.

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    Simple and clear explanations
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    Written using an English speaker’s perspective
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    Formatted to help you create a French learning habit

Build a daily learning habit 

Through short daily lessons that are designed to be taken every day for thirty days, you will be guided into forming a daily habit that will last you until you reach fluency.


What this e-book is

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    A grammar guide for beginner French learners.
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    Lessons are written in a short, concise manner with an easy conversational style.

What this e-book is NOT

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    This is NOT a crash course that will promise you a quick fix in learning French.
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    This is NOT a boring grammar reference guide.

Short and simple lessons

No beating around the bush. The lessons are direct to the point and concise, focusing only on the main rules and not on the exceptions.

Difficult concepts broken down into easy explanations

You learn French faster when you understand how the rules truly work. This book explains difficult concepts in a clear and easy-to-follow way: simple explanations that are easier to grasp than most resources in the market.

Written with an English speaker’s perspective in mind

This book will teach you French grammar in a way that makes sense to YOU. You will find French lessons compared with English grammar structures to drive the point home. This way, you’ll know when the rules are similar in French or not, and you will be able to apply your learning with what you already know.

These are some of the things you will learn from this e-book

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    Greeting someone in French
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    How to form negative sentences
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    Asking questions
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    Quick Ways to Express Past, Present and Future
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    French Numbers
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    Differences between C’est and Il est in French (one of the most typical mistakes in French)
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    How to compare in French
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    Expressing Causes and Results (because, due to…)
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    and so much more (30 lessons in total!)

Bonus MP3 Files

Practice your pronunciation with 78 free audio files to help you practice your French pronunciation.

New! Beginner French Grammar Workbook (Get it for free!)

When you buy a copy of Beginner’s French Grammar in 30 Days, you’ll also get a free copy of Beginner French Grammar workbook. Complete with 300 exercises to help cement your knowledge of Beginner French grammar, you can tackle 10 exercises everyday for 30 days or work at your own pace--it’s up to you. A perfect material to supplement your grammar lessons! The workbook can also be used as a standalone material.

Is this e-book for you?

If you are any of the following, this is for you:

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    Beginners who want to learn French
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    Anyone who needs to review and brush up on basic French grammar

Technical Details:

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    154 pages
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    FREE 78 MP3 tracks: To help you practice your French pronunciation
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    FREE Grammar workbook: 300 exercises for beginners

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say


“Love the Beginner’s French Grammar in 30 days e-book I recently purchased. It is broken down in good size bits and is easy to follow and understand.” - Jody Clouten


“It has been very useful and encouraging to learn grammar this way. I never felt overwhelmed by the grammar lesson.” - Robbyn Limon

Frederic Bibard

Frederic BIbard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their French. 

Frederic BIBARD


This product and its accompanying audio are covered by the Talk in French 30-Day Refund Policy. Not satisfied with the product? Get a full refund within 30 days. 

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28 reviews for Beginner’s French Grammar in 30 Days

  1. Jody Clouten

    Love the Beginner’s French Grammar in 30 days e-book I recently purchased. It is broken down in good size bits and is easy to follow and understand. My only complaint would be that the MP3 tracks are paced a little too fast so a slightly slower version with longer pauses between words or phrases would improve this package.

  2. Sara Ostergreen

    I actually bought the bundle with the beginner and intermediate levelled eBook but this is going to be my review for the beginner one, even though I truly enjoyed both eBook. The beginner one has some typos and grammatical errors for the English section but they’re very minor and the writing style was relatively light, which greatly lessens the impact of this downside. I’ve been told by Frederic that an updated version will be coming soon and will fix these errors. The intermediate eBook doesn’t have these errors and, although the writing style is a little colder, it’s still encouraging.

    The main positives of the two eBooks:

    – The MP3s really help me to perfect my pronunciation of the French words.
    – The layout of the books is clear and you’re given new words in short, structured lessons.
    – The exercises are quite easy – I’d like a few more.

    Overall, the books are well-thought out and give me a strong foundation for my French Grammar. I’m looking forward to the advanced level.

  3. Robbyn Limon

    It has been very useful and encouraging to learn grammar this way. I never felt overwhelmed by the grammar lesson.

  4. Esther Hines

    The grammar lesson can be a bit tedious , but this eBook made it easy for me to learn French grammar. I can use all the French grammar rules I learned to construct sentences in French. I do wish a few more exercises were included.

  5. Sue Allen

    A great eBook, however, I would like to see a few more exercises.

  6. Ally

    This eBook was easy to understand. I especially appreciated the exercises that helped test myself on what I learned!

  7. kerrie

    Learning French as a Habit by talk in French is an entertaining and informative way to get a daily dose of the French language. It was fun to read, and clever. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

  8. Brandy

    This ebook was extremely helpful. I’ve never studied French so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It broke it down to pretty simple terms. It’s short studies daily and the audio really helps you to get your pronunciation down pat. Definitely recommend to anyone wishing to learn French.

  9. Carlos

    Is a good ebook, suitable for beginning to learn French and improve pronunciation. Theoretical explanations are very clear, and includes practical exercises and audio files to reinforce learning. I liked listening to the audios while working to familiarize myself with the language. Recommendable.

  10. Tia

    I don’t have much of a French background, but I’m interested in learning a 4th language in addition to my background in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Once I have some knowledge, I will be testing myself in France or some of the French speaking areas in the Carribean. This book has not only improved my understanding of grammar but has shaped my tone of voice while speaking in French, the little that I have learned in such a short period of time!

  11. Eleonora

    I have done a 3 months French course in the past and I found this book good to review the grammar and to learn basic useful expression. The MP3 files are great to improve pronunciation.

  12. Miss Sparks

    I purchased the book in hope to review my school-taught French and it was pretty much ideal! Good for beginners too, the book has an audio so you get to hear the proper pronunciations and the meanings that are repeated straight after in English at the start of the book which I found helpful

  13. Latoya T

    I like this French book. While it is not as basic as it can get, it does start out being very simple then building on previous lessons. I like the breakdown of pronunciations in the book and the reference to the the audio, which allows for reinforcement of the lesson.

    Overall I give it 4.5/5

  14. Danitza

    Very useful and easy to undestand! 🙂

  15. Shamari

    I think the book is great. I like it because it is well organized and it really helps you to create a learning habit. It also has a good audio support which is quite helpful.
    I like the way it covers all the grammar you need to understand a normal conversation and the way the author explains some aspects of the French culture.

  16. Jony Zoz Costa

    This ebook is excellent, very well thought out, should have for other languages too.

  17. Nicole

    The book really helped me out with my French, the layout is beautiful and clean and it gives you clear instructions of what you need to improve your French, with fun curiosities in between. Besides, listening the audiobook gave me a good basis for immersion in the language, helping me to create the habit of studying a little everyday.

  18. Nina

    This book is great! I’ve always wanted to learn french but never had the time and it really helped me understand the basics of the language and to be able to communicate . The text is fun, light and filled with facts about the french culture and that really makes it much easier and interesting to learn. Besides, it doesn’t teach us only the formal grammar but also the way words are actually used by natives on a daily basis, so that we may learn to speak more naturally. Highly recommend for everyone!

  19. Filipe Furquim Félix

    This book is very engaging and easy to follow up with even as a first contact with the French language.
    You get to know the basics of the grammar while learning some useful vocabulary.
    Very good experience overall!

  20. Soutsawath

    “French Beginner Grammar in 30 DAYS” is a good ebook for both beginners and none beginners who wants to refresh their memory in French grammar.

    What you will find in this ebook is a section of 30 days. Each day section has around 2 to 4 pages which include audio native French speaker to help you know how things pronounce.
    Its topic includes instruction rules for grammar as well as lists, examples, practice (exercices), and “fun fact” where you learn about French fact and its culture.

    My opinion
    I had studied French for years, and I know a lot when it comes to its grammar. I still find this ebook quite useful in helping me remember what I had learnt from the past.
    I like how this ebook has a little humour to make reading more interesting.
    The instruction clearly explain what you need to know about French grammar rules while keeping it short.
    I really like how they include “fun fact” I learnt a lot about French culture and its fact with this ebook alone.
    As for the audio speaker, the French speaker’s English pronounciation is kind of hard to listen to. It would be nice if it also include native English speaker for the English part.

    Overall it is a good ebook for those wanting to learn French grammar or those who haven’t spoken it for years and would like to remember things.
    As for feedback, I would love the ebook to have more humourous and include cartoon images to make things interesting and easier to understand for the readers(just my opinion).

  21. Jeremiah Tanael

    Giving me a timeline to finish a book really captured my attention. Actually to me, it sounds like an “Assurance” that I ‘can’ finish it in 30 days.
    I was never a fan of loooooooong books and a buck for $14.90 to learn grammar in French? Why not? It is not an easy language tho, like me who has 0% proficiency on this.
    I guess would be best for someone who wish to pursue or to ones who wanted to start learning basic French language like I do. It took me 10mins to ponder how this book works. I also like how it was designed, it feels so simple, and felt like it was easy for me to learn French, makes it comfortable too.

    It would be great to find “Customer Support” contact number too, it did gave me a difficult time to find it. But over all I can say, it’s a good book to kill time;)

  22. Maritza

    The MP3s were very easy to follow.

  23. Ozzarah

    Great place to start learning!

    I’ve tried the first few days of this audiobook, and I really like it so far. I’ve always wanted to learn French because I hope to travel to France someday. However, the pronunciations have always been incredibly difficult for me to grasp. I like this because the narrator repeats the words/phrases over and over, breaking down how the words are pronounced. It goes a little fast, but this is to be expected with a “30 day” language book.

    I like how the book explains exactly how you would form certain questions and certain grammatical rules/patterns, instead of just throwing material at us and forcing us to rely on memorization alone. Seeing these patterns (and practicing them) helps to learn the language better, in my opinion. I believe if I really practice daily with this, within a month, I should have a good beginning foundation of French. I’m excited to continue.

  24. Olga

    I really liked how concise and to the point the lessons are, really helped me to refresh my basic French grammar.

  25. Candace

    I do not personally have any background in the French language but I decided to look for a book that would help me out during future vacations. This book was helpful because they kept the daily lessons short and concise while still including valuable information for beginners.

  26. Said Maganda

    I really don’t know much about the French language, but the time I’ve been testing the book has been wonderful, as the lesson of the day is well detailed. I like books that have an audio included to improve the speaking and listening of the language you want to learn; is an excellent first contact with the French language.

    It would seem more dynamic if the book will include some drawings that would be also more attractive for the children, even young people and adults who are just coming in contact with the French language we would find it attractive also.

  27. Christopher Hall

    This is a great resource for any beginners learning French!

  28. Patrick

    The book is great! It’s very funny and instructive

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