French for Kids Volume 3: 10 Bedtime Stories in French and English with audio

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  • 10 fun stories for kids with ages 6-12 years old: perfect for bedtime or for pleasurable reading any time of the day!
  • Written in parallel text to boost your children’s French and English language skills.
  • Improve listening and pronunciation with the free audio: the stories are narrated in two languages—an English version narrated by a native English speaker, and a French version by a native French speaker.
  • Also great for adults looking for a fun way to learn French or English.


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Introduce your children to the joys of reading while helping them improve their French and English proficiency at the same time. This book is perfect for kids between 6 to 12 years old and is designed to boost language skills, enhance their imagination, and pave the way for a lifelong love of reading.

10 Fun and Engaging Stories

Featuring a wide array of enjoyable themes, parents can rest assured that the material in this book is highly suited for children.

These are the stories you’ll find in the 3rd Volume:

  1. Adèle, La Gardienne des Forêts – Adele, The Guardian of The Forest
  2. Hugo et La Machine à Remonter Le Temps – Hugo and The Time Traveling Machine        
  3. Philistin, Le Lapin qui Savait Parler aux Hommes – Philistin, The Rabbit Who Knew How to Talk to Humans  
  4. Theophile & La Fabrique à Histoire – Theophile & The Story Factory     
  5. Bienvenue Dans Le Monde Imaginaire d‘Emma Plumeverte- Welcome to The Imaginary World of Emma Plumeverte     
  6. Louna au Pays des Cauchemars – Louna, In Nightmare Country
  7. Le Grand Secret de la Famille Vert-de-Teint – The Big Secret of The Greenback Family     
  8. Zoé n’a Pas de Chance – Zoe Does Not Have Any Luck
  9. Les 400 Coups de Kevin – The 400 Coups of Kevin
  10. À la Recherche de la Perfection – In Search of Perfection  

Written in Parallel Text to Boost Comprehension

Each paragraph is written in both French and English—first in French, followed by its English equivalent. You can also read the stories in French only or in English only: perfect for bilingual children whether native French or English speakers!

Free Audio to Improve Listening Skills

The stories are recorded in two ways—an English version narrated by a native English speaker, and a French version narrated by a native French speaker. The audio is designed as a perfect supplement to help the readers learn the correct pronunciation and improve their listening skills in an enjoyable manner.

Not just for children—it’s great for adults, too!

This book is suitable for children, but adults can also enjoy it. Whether you plan to improve your French (or English) through a fun method or you’re simply in it for the joy of reading a short story, this book is also great for adults.

Technical Details

  • 10 short stories
  • 56 pages
  • Total of 120 minutes of audio (60 mins. English, 60 mins. French)

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2 reviews for French for Kids Volume 3: 10 Bedtime Stories in French and English with audio

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was able to learn more words in French while reading my daughter bedtime stories. My daughter and I loved the stories they were very captivating, and the pictures were great. For any words in French that were hard to pronounce, an audio book is also provided to help with pronunciation. I would highly recommend this book, young or old.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I and my lovely son read this book. It is the best book as he was able to grasp the stories and augment his knowledge very quickly as it entails a wide range of enjoyable themes which makes it easy to understand. It also incorporates separate English audio book to learn the tough French words which is the best part and along with its informative feature. Really loved it because it helped me bond with my son more closely. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

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