The Motivated French Learner’s Complete Intermediate Bundle


  • Get 40 short yet highly intensive lessons for intermediate level with My French Routine Volumes 3-4: Each lesson is broken down into grammar, vocabulary, and learning exercises.
  • Effective lessons and exercises guaranteed to develop your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • High-quality audio for listening and pronunciation practice: The listening exercises are voiced by a native French speaker to train your ears to the sound of authentic French as it is spoken today. 
  • Proven tips and foolproof advice specifically for French level learners: Address common problems faced by intermediate learners, from a motivation lag to reaching a plateau, and more with Fluent in French, the ultimate French language study guide.
  • Boost your reading and listening comprehension skills with French Short Stories for Intermediate Level.
  • Learn thousands of French words and expressions.
  • Improve your sentence structure and speak and write better French sentences.

Get the complete intermediate bundle today and start taking your French proficiency to the next level!

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Stuck at Intermediate Level and Low on Motivation?

It’s a common problem. Once you have zoomed past the beginner stage, motivation could start to wane, and you find yourself stuck in the same level for a long time. How do you get un-stuck?

You need something that will address your lagging motivation head-on. You also need a complete and thorough method that you can independently study on your own day after day without losing the drive to learn. Finally, you need an exciting addition to your lessons--something interesting that will make learning so much fun once more.

A study guide to motivate you and address your learning issues

A complete method to learn French independently and consistently

Interesting stories to boost listening and reading skills

A Good Push in the Right Direction

As an intermediate level learner, you will need all the motivation you can get for continuing with your lessons. Whether you have just finished studying beginner-level French or you have previously studied it and now you want to get back on track, you need a complete e-book package that will perfectly suit all your learning needs.

A Complete Intermediate Level Package

Here’s a bundle that encompasses everything you need at this point of learning French.

Let’s take a quick look at the e-books in this bundle:

My French Routine Volume 3 

Perfect for low intermediate learners, this step-by-step method to learn French makes use of a short but challenging mix of lessons including grammar, vocabulary, exercises, dialogues to illustrate grammar points, and audio for listening and pronunciation practice.

The daily lessons are a great way to create a learning habit that will make it easier to continuously stay motivated in learning French.

My French Routine Volume 3

My French Routine Volume 4

My French Routine Volume 4

This volume continues where the 3rd volume ends, and provides an additional four weeks of lessons including weekly recaps.

French Short Stories for Intermediate

This bestselling e-book is the perfect way to complement your lessons. With 7 short stories about a variety of useful topics, the stories are broken down into French and English glossaries for easier comprehension.

This e-book also comes with an audiobook version in 2 formats (slow and normal speed) making it ideal for improving your reading and listening skills.

Learn French with Stories for Intermediate Level Vol 1

Fluent in French

Fluent-in-French - The ultimate study guide

This ultimate study guide to learning French is fully packed with tips, tricks, and hacks specific to the French language. It zeroes in on all the common reasons why French learners fail to reach their goals in learning French including motivation issues, usual mistakes, and various others.

This guide addresses every concern a French learner encounters in every stage of learning French. The perfect roadmap to to help guide you through fluency.

Who Should Buy This?

  • Low Intermediate and Intermediate French Learners who wish to move on to the next level
  • People looking to pass a French exam for intermediate level
  • Independent French learners who wish to become self-motivated in learning French

If you see yourself in any of the items listed above, this intermediate bundle is for you!


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Frederic BIbard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their French. 

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