Fluent in French: The Ultimate French Language Study Guide


The Ultimate French Language Study Guide

  • Build your motivation with proven methods to help you keep learning French until you reach fluency.
  • Speed up your learning: Learn shortcuts and hacks specifically for learning the French language.
  • The only study guide with bonus audio: Practice your listening skills and your French pronunciation with the help of bonus audio materials.
  • 3 formats available: Read it on your tablet, computer, or e-reader.
  • BONUS MATERIAL: Get a free study plan tailored based on your level and the amount of time you can invest to learn French each day.

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The Ultimate French Language Study Guide

There are thousands of French language resources available today both online and on print. But where do you even start?

Over my many years of teaching French to hundreds of students from a range of backgrounds, I have heard the same questions and complaints over and over again.

“What is the best learning method to use?”

“How do I stop myself from feeling demotivated?”

“I don’t have time to study French”

“French is too difficult!’

“I’m fine with reading comprehension, but I suck at listening and speaking!”

“My pronunciation is awful. I’m having trouble sounding like I’m actually speaking French.”

“I don’t understand half of the French conversations I’m hearing!”

“I try my best, but I still cannot form coherent sentences readily."

And the Most Popular Question….

“Where exactly should I begin?”

A Road Map to Learning French 

Do you recognize your own problems in those listed above? If not addressed immediately, these questions can fester and lead you to become undermotivated in learning French. Some would eventually abandon their goals in learning French when they encounter these hiccups along the way.

You need a roadmap, a guide to help you along the way, whether you are a complete beginner, an intermediate level or advanced learner. A roadmap with:

Tools to speed up learning

French language hacks

Keys to unlock motivation

This is where I come in...

“My name is Frederic Bibard. I am a French language teacher, the founder of TalkInFrench.com, and the author of several French language books. I would like to help you navigate through obstacles and bumps in the road on your journey to learning French.

I have compiled various practical tips, study methods, brilliant hacks, and all kinds of advice guaranteed to point you in the right direction.

You will find them in this study guide, and through this, I will share with you gems of knowledge I have learned through hands-on teaching experience as well as years of endlessly studying what works and what does not work for French learners like you.”

Frederic BIBARD

Meet the Ultimate French Language Study Guide

  • Build your motivation with proven methods to help you keep learning French until you reach fluency.
  • Speed up your learning: Learn shortcuts and hacks specifically for learning the French language.
  • The only study guide with bonus audio: Practice your listening skills and your French pronunciation with the help of accompanying audio materials.
Fluent-in-French - The ultimate study guide

Build Your Motivation

Fluent in French

You’ll learn how to properly motivate yourself to start--and continue--to learn French, even when your motivation begins to lag.

Learn French Painlessly by Creating a Learning Habit

This study guide will teach you how to create daily habits that will make learning French a fun activity, regardless of your personality type and interests.

Fluent in French

Address Pain Points in Learning French

Fluent in French

Identify the most pressing issues faced by learners and how to address them. You will also learn to solve and avoid common mistakes learners face.

These include effective study methods designed to improve your listening skills, tips to help you get the best out of reading French, how to sound better in French, as well as how to write like an expert.

Proven Hacks to Accelerate Your Learning

Learn lesser known methods that will save you time and energy while learning.

Fluent in French

Optimize Your Schedule for Highly Effective Lessons

Fluent in French

You’ll get an example of a typical day for language learners, including daily immersion activities.

But the icing on top? 

The study guide comes with a FREE STUDY PLAN

You’ll find 4 different study plans for different kinds of learners. This will guide you through your day and help you manage your schedule regardless of how busy you may be.

Each study plan will guide you to the topics you should focus on depending on your specific needs. The study plan also contains a checklist of grammar points and vocabulary topics that you should study for each level, and for each topic you will find a reference where you can learn more about it.

What Can You Expect From this E-book?

  • Keep your motivation high: you’ll leverage your initiative while you study until you reach fluency.
  • Learn French painlessly: you’ll create a daily habit that will remove the headache from learning a new language.
  • Accelerate your learning: you’ll take proven shortcuts and use language hacks specific to the French language.
  • Understand native French speakers: you’ll use clear know-how to practice and improve your listening skills.
  • Enjoy any French media outlet: you’ll follow a clearly-defined method to read well and appreciate great articles and books written in the French language.
  • Sound more natural in French: you’ll have a solid foundation in the language, which will allow you to sound good while speaking it!

What this e-book is

It’s a study guide for all levels which will organize the way you study French and help you develop an approach to learning French.

What this e-book is NOT

This is not a textbook that will teach you grammar concepts or new vocabulary.

Your Very Own Language Learning Map

You can think of this study guide as your very own language-learning map. It is designed to be kept within reach during your entire journey so you can refer to it every time you feel lost or encounter a new set of difficulties.

What’s more, you can read it on your tablet, computer, or e-reader. This e-book is accessible on a variety of devices, making it easy for you to check in, wherever and whenever you need to most.

More Amazing Bonus Materials (with Audio!)

Think that’s it? Of course not. You’ll also get the following bonuses:

  • Keep the conversation flowing with hundreds of conversational connectors (e.g. comment dire? How can I put it?) divided into ten topics with Mp3 supplements
  • Ninety common French phrases (e.g. « je ne sais pas » – I don’t know)
  • The ten most common verbs conjugated with four important tenses
  • 130+ common adjectives (e.g. “belle” – beautiful) with examples
  • Over one hundred useful adverbs (e.g. later – plus tard) with examples

All bonus materials come with audio that will allow you to study without any text in front of you. The audio comes with the French text first, followed by its English translation and then French pronunciations, leaving enough time in between for you to pronounce the words yourself.

Some of these freebies are actually being sold by other websites as stand-alone products. But here, you are getting it for free!

Is This Study Guide For You?

Whether you are:

  • A beginner struggling to find a suitable learning method to use
  • An intermediate-level student facing difficulties in your studies
  • An advanced learner beginning to notice the signs of a plateau in your motivation, or
  • A long-time learner close to losing interest in learning French …

This study guide has original, helpful techniques, hacks, and tips you can use to enrich your vocabulary and get you on track, no matter what circumstance you find yourself in!

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say

...When I ordered this book I didn't know how it would help me. At the start it was really motivational and honest about how you can feel when you get to certain points of learning. At every turn of the page there is resource after resource. I have not used all the resources, but the ones that I have check are really useful. This would be a great assistant to high school and college students taking French. I think teachers should be recommending this to their students.


This book is a true study guide and has helped me organize the way I study, given me hints to recognize words and maximize online tools for French language learning. At first I was flipping through pages, looking for typical lessons. Eventually I found my level, along with other resources but you will not see anything typical here. Bon chance, mes amis.


I really like this book. Unlike a lot of language books that just focus on learning the language, this book gives tips and advice on how to maintain your motivation for learning French, although it can be applied to anything. I also like the idea of using immersion to learn French along with other tips to make learning French easier and fun.


About the Author

Frederic Bibard

Frederic BIbard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their French. 

Frederic BIBARD


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