Colloquial French

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All the French slang terms you need to speak like a native


If you want to learn and understand the real French that is currently spoken on the street, on TV, or radio—and not the French you learn on your textbooks—this e-book is for you.

No fluff or fillers,  just a straight-to-the-point list of slang and idioms broken down into 23 sections for easy search.

  • 23 topics covered: More than 1,400 slang terms translated
  • Audio tracks included to help you practice pronunciation (5+ hours of MP3)
  • Never misuse a slang expression again: slang terms are marked as either offensive or popular so you’d know when it’s appropriate to use or not.
  • BONUS: Get a FREE copy of the exclusive e-book URBAN FRENCH DICTIONARY: Freshest Street Slang Defined with MP3! (Originally valued at $5)

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Understand and speak “real” everyday French

Colloquial French: Learn to Speak French like a Native shares with you thousands of slang words that you can use to sound like a native French speaker in no time. This complete e-book pack is the most extensive you could find in the market, containing 1,400++ slang words and expressions, a bonus mini ebook, plus a FREE audio you can listen to.

If you simply stick to the formal vocabulary you are taught on your regular French course, chances are you’ll have a hard time understanding colloquial French. This e-book will help you pick up everyday French conversations – the kind you will hear spoken by native speakers on the street, in movies and radio, and more importantly — in real life!

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Impress your French-speaking friends

Achieve a more natural conversational French by using various carefully selected slang words. Your French friends will be impressed by your newfound speaking ability and be amazed at how legit you actually sound!

A fun and entertaining book in itself

This book contains some colourful words and “interesting” expressions used by the French in everyday conversations. From the wholesome topics to the ‘slightly’ provocative, expand your range of vocabulary while enjoying a few laughs.

1/ Greetings- Les Salutations      

2/ Complaining – Se plaindre     

3/ To excuse – s’excuser  

4/ Angry – S’enerver        

5/ Ask a favor – Demander une faveur

6/ Describe place – Décrire un endroit  

7/ Describe someone – Décrire quelqu’un        

8/ Family – La famille       

9/ Asking Directions – Demander la direction  

10/ Friendship – L’amitié

11/ Hang-out – Sortir       

12/ Love, Hate – Amour Haine    

13/ To relax – se détendre

14/ Moral Support – Le soutien moral   

15/ Movies – Le cinéma   

16/ Fashion – La mode    

17/ Food – Nourriture

18/ Insult – Insulte

19/ Police and Justice – La justice et la police

20/  Sport – Sport

21/ Surprise – Surprise

22/ Thing – Chose

23/ Sex – Sexe

The only French Slang Ebook with MP3!!!

Free downloadable MP3 in 2 versions:

  •         French tracks only, and
  •         French/English Translation tracks

Learn more effectively with the help of the downloadable mp3 tracks. The audio pack will help you recognize how the words and expressions are spoken and learn to pronounce them the right way. You can learn on the go — listen to the tracks while on your commute, jog, or while doing basic chores everyday.

Continuously updated slang words available in a SPECIAL BONUS e-book!

Slang is ever-evolving and terms can grow outdated pretty quickly. The main book contains the most consistently used terms you can hear throughout the years, but, as a bonus, I have also created a list of contemporary French terms for fresher, more up-to-date content.

This short e-book (containing 200++ seasonal slang expressions that won’t hang around forever) gets regularly updated with new expressions that appear in various media including YouTube. Guaranteed to keep you sounding cool and never passé!

New! Never misuse a slang expression again

The e-book is updated with annotations to let you know if the term is popular/common or if it could be considered offensive by some. This way, you will know when it is appropriate for you to use or not, eliminating the risk of offending anybody or committing a social faux pas.

When you see (P) beside a term, it means that it is popular and widely used. It is therefore highly recommended for you to recognize and understand it for immediate use.

Words and phrases marked (O) means that it is offensive so use with caution! It would be good to learn the slang, but be careful of using it liberally in your daily speech.

Examples from the book:

Ça va? (P)                       How are things? How are you doing?

Comme ci, comme ça (P) So-so

Chiant (P) (O)                  Boring


The most complete French Slang eBook available

Most books available only contain around 400/500 French slang expressions. This eBook offers 1,400++ of highly relevant French slang! Also the first to be provided with accompanying audio, the additional audio material is perfect for brushing up on your pronunciation or for learning vocabulary on the go.

Technical details:

  • 1,400+ slang expressions divided into 23 topics
  • MP3 with audio with French only and French/English (+5 hours /  53 tracks)


Only $9.90

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10 reviews for Colloquial French

  1. 5 out of 5

    I am very happy with this book. The MP3s are great to practice your pronunciation. Looking forward for the update

  2. 5 out of 5

    Paul Vanderlei.

    When I originally bought this eBook it was only $4.90 and contained around 300 words. I thought the price was acceptable because it included some MP3s, which is a feature I’ve never seen on books related to slang. However, when I bought the second edition of the eBook it had much more content. It had 1400 words and the expressions used in the book were very consistent! I didn’t even have to pay again because Frédéric gave us the updated version for free. A lot more expressions were included in the eBook and I also got a few hours’ worth of MP3s. I really think it is a great value for only $9.90 and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn some French that isn’t learned in a textbook.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I highly recommend this eBook. I use some of the expressions featured in it with two of my French friends, who were surprised that my French sounded so natural. Know they speak to me much more casually and it’s mostly thanks to what I learned in this eBook. Learning even more by talking to my French friends is a sort of side-benefit you get if you buy this eBook.

  4. 5 out of 5

    This is an excellent slang book. I am learning many new expressions that I can use with my colleagues.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Very funny eBook! I had a good laugh thanks to of some humorous expressions I learned in this eBook.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I am a language teacher and am always trying to find new ways to bring culture and authentic learning into the classroom. Using these expressions as “Phrase du Jour” has made my life easier!

  7. 5 out of 5

    I learned a lot of new expressions and the MP3s are very funny.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Love the MP3s with Frederick’s accent cursing in English. Haha! A great buy.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Really great value, fun to read. More useful than most of my other French books. If the author wants it to be *perfect,* the double-ups could be edited from the glossary– there are just a few (e.g. drunk). I really love it and hope Frédéric writes more books soon.

  10. 4 out of 5

    This list has brought many new expressions to me and will be a good resource (I will selectively choose from it as there are many expressions inappropriate for my students!) for my class as well to get some more current, up-to-date spoken language in the mix.

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