My French Routine: Complete 6-Volume Bundle

My French Routine learning series: a complete method to learn French from absolute beginner to advanced level. Get daily grammar and vocabulary lessons, audio exercises, and more.

Books included in this bundle:

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A Step-By-Step Method to Learn French on Your Own

Does learning French on your own seem like a daunting—or nearly impossible—task?

You have always wanted to learn French but neither have the time or perhaps the budget to hire a tutor or join a class. You want to learn French but on your own good time. Is it possible to effectively use a DIY approach to learning French?

The Right Method You Need

You need a complete French method that would cater to all your learning needs. One that effectively mixes grammar lessons with vocabulary, audio guides to boost your listening skills, and enough exercises to guarantee your understanding.

You need a complete method that lays down the lessons step by step so you will no longer have to create lesson plans of your own. An e-book series that from the start until finish will help you with learning French every step of the way.

Useful grammar lessons and vocabulary

Audio guides

Learning exercises

My French Routine: Complete 6-Volume Bundle

My French Routine learning series covers everything you need to learn French. With its short yet challenging daily lessons, you will get grammar, vocabulary, sample dialogue to further illustrate the topic, plus exercises and audio guides.

  • Short lessons you can take for less than an hour daily, five days a week for six months
  • Daily lessons are broken down into grammar, vocabulary topics, audio guides, and learning exercises
  • A strong focus on listening: listen to French conversations recorded by native speakers and follow along to practice your pronunciation

A Total Learning Package

This learning series has condensed basic French lessons into simple daily tasks that include grammar and vocabulary topics, audio guides, and exercises. The result is a total learning package that covers beginner topics and aims to have you speaking French by the end of the twenty lessons.

Build a Learning Habit with Daily Lessons

Each volume comes with 20 daily lessons---one for each day of the week (Monday to Sunday) with weekly lesson recaps for the weekend. With this method, you will learn to develop a daily learning habit which will prove effective in the long run, and will make learning French so much more painless and motivating.

Each daily lesson includes the following

  • One to three grammar topics
  • Sample dialogue to illustrate a grammar point
  • Audio recorded by native French speakers for you to listen to and follow along with
  • MP3 guides to help you learn the pronunciation
  • Exercises and practice activities
  • Vocabulary lists
  • And more!

Practical and Effective Method

There are many resources available for learning French but what makes this learning series stand out from the rest is the method it is based on. This series of e-books incorporates the most effective methodologies gleaned from years of actual hands-on teaching, combining lessons and exercises in the best possible way.

Strong Focus on Listening

The e-book series comes with intuitive audio material designed to facilitate faster absorption of the topics. But unlike regular audio books on the market, the listening exercises are carefully integrated into the daily lessons and introduced at just the right moments.

You can listen to French conversations recorded by native speakers as well as practice your pronunciation with the vocabulary.

Here’s a look at the e-books in this bundle:

  1. My French Routine Volume 1. Covers the fundamental topics and aims to have you speaking French by the end of the twenty lessons. 
  2. My French Routine Volume 2. Continue your lessons in beginner-level French with 20 more daily lessons. 
  3. My French Routine Volume 3. An additional month-long lessons for low-intermediate level.  
  4. My French Routine Volume 4. This volume picks up after the topics discussed in vol 3 and gives you more lessons suitable for intermediate level. 
  5. My French Routine Volume 5. Be on your way to mastering French with lessons for high intermediate to advanced level. Covering an additional month-long lessons in the same effective format, this volume makes sure to solidify your knowledge and skills in the French language. 
  6. My French Routine Volume 6. The final volume in this series, the lessons in this e-book will help you polish your French and consolidate everything you have learned in the previous volumes. Perfect for advanced learners, the lessons are carefully picked to help you on your way to mastering French. 

Who Should Buy This?

French learners of all levels: whether you are a complete beginner or one who is looking to refresh your memory of lower level lessons, this is the ultimate e-book package for you.

Frederic Bibard

Frederic BIbard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their French. 

Frederic BIBARD


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Technical Details:

  • 1500+ pages (PDF/ Epub/Mobi). Instant download! No more waiting to study. Carry everywhere: PC / Tablet / Smartphone.
  • A total of 1,500+ audio tracks (30+ hours) directly embedded in the e-book for a highly convenient and effective learning experience.

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